That’s cool:yipee: I’ve never seen Saint Seiya. But I always love a new anime!

I think you were trying to reply on a thread and created a new one instead. But yeah, I’ve been using SS avvies for quite sometimes just to show off what a fan I am ^^

Me, Kor, Wilfredo Martinez and Ryuhii have watched the series quite a lot of times. Ask any of us if you wanna know anything about SS ^^

What is this anime about?

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Every 200 years, the goddess Athena reencarnates on Earth to protect humanity from pther Gods who try to enslave or destroy the whole world.

Every God his his or her own army of holy warriors, known as ‘saints’. Able to punch a crater in the ground with their bare hands and to rip the skies with a kick, these men and women are powered by creatures and objects from the greek mithology.

Athena’s saints receive their powers from the creatures and objects that form the constellations. Thus, her saints are also called ‘Knight os the Zodiac’. They have three ranks: bronze, silver and gold. The gold saints are powered by the zodiacal signs and are supposed to be Athena’s strongest saints. However, in the anime, her closest protectors are bronze saints who will surpass any power t protect their goddess.

Every creature that lives has within itself a source of energy called ‘Cosmos’. Those able to control their cosmos are able to do incredible things. It is this source that the saints tap to use their powers (think of it as the Ki from DBZ, just with another name). Saints are trained to expand their cosmos and they use it by burning it. They can also sense each other’s cosmos and measure other saints’ powers through it.

All saints have a simbiotic companion that’s called a ‘cloth’ in some places and ‘armor’ in others. It is actually a plate armor, made of a material stronger than anything mankind knows. These armors are live beings with will and powers of their own. When not in use, the plates arrange themselves to form what could be described as a statue that represents the mithological object that powers the saint. For example, my avvie is the pegasus saint. When the pegasus cloth is not being used, it arranges itself like this:


The armors seem to be telephatic and when the saint that owns them wishes so, the plates disconnect from each other and fly towards the saint. They’ll then connect to the saint’s body as though it were being dressed by him.

That’s all I can say for now. You’ll have to wait untill the day after tomorrow for more, but ask me (or Kor, or Wilfredo, or Ryuhii) if you have any doubt.

Hrm. I’ve got to say that intrigues me. Is it widely available in English Dubs/Subtitles.

Well, back when the series was new (in Japan, in the 80’s) a lot of stuff was available, mostly bootlegs. I assume, however, that with the American version showing now, there will be resurgence of material, both for sale and in the Net. Try a Google search.

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Ahhhh… Saint Seiya. The good old days of my childhood. The crappy dubbed intro, the acceptable voices, the great gallery of insignificant and secondary characters, the great fights, them running out of chapters in the middle of the battle against Gemini… Motherfuckin’ bastards, I’ll never forgive them for that one.

I’ve seen all the series in TV, so I can answer pretty much anything you want.