How come when I click “open your e-mail inbox” in WLM, it sometimes doesn’t take me to Hotmail… but to Microsoft’s new search engine “Bing?” Is this a glitch or are they so desperate for attention that they need to generate fake hits for their shitty new search engine that no one who’s heard of google will ever give half a shit about? Can I FIX this? I know Microsoft’s not the most reliable corporation but come ON. I just want to check my email without typing everything in manually or having my face shoved in Microsoft’s attempts to convert me to their new search engine, which ultimately just turn me off to it. Has this happened to anyone else? It’s happened to me a few times. It usually fixes itself after a few minutes, but there is no way it’s accidental.

Uh… wtf is WLM?

Windows Live Messenger. I usually still call it MSN, but I figured you kids were down with the new terms and shit. It’s MSN.

Never happened; always takes me to hotmail :confused:

It ain’t happening to me, either.

Why not use POP3 to get your Live e-mails from Gmail if Microsoft’s search engine is that much of a problem? Just click Accounts under Settings, then type your Live account details. Gmail configures the rest. Bada-bing(no pun)-bada-boom.

P.s. Microsoft is just as reliable as any other company.

I searched around online and found some other people it’s been happening too, although it doesn’t seem to be really common. Still, I don’t want to bother with gmail.

Hm. Sounds like a fluke.

What address comes up upon clicking the link? Is it “bing.com” or something else followed by a redirect to “bing.com?” What browser are you using?

The only advice I can give you with the information available at the moment is (re)installing the latest WLM, emphasis on “re” if you already have the latest.

I read that it’s only happened to people who make ‘fuck pittsburgh’ threads


I’m pretty sure I have the latest WLM. Well, maybe it’ll fix itself.

Lmao Locke, I love how you’re still crying about that thread. I honestly haven’t read it since my last post in it and don’t see a reason to :slight_smile: It’s doing its job nicely.

This thread is holding my attention like a cheese grader holds sand…Maybe this is your punishment for being so lazy that you can’t press a few buttons?

My punishment is not holding your attention?

…what is happening to RPGC? Am I actually supposed to be upset about that? :confused: I’m just… really really confused now.

Throws Ball

Sounds like an end-user problem to me

yeah hades just sucks

Ramza. Cut that shit out. Now. Learn to start contributing something to threads other than trolling little insults.

i don’t really remember what i was talking about.

Lmao, Ramza is hilarious. If you want to nail someone for trolling, go find Rinn. I don’t think I’ve seen a post by him in the last six months that wouldn’t be bannable coming from anyone else.

Or better yet, just ban me again. I really don’t even make an effort not to react to the retarded shit people here like throwing at me.

I actually find Ramza funny. Just the fact that he’s motivated to come here to do almost nothing but troll brings me joy :stuck_out_tongue:

you guys take the internet too seriously

who careeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss

I don’t think “don’t take the Internet too serious” should work anymore as an argument. You can do pretty much everything from the Internet: file taxes, work/job/career, get your paystubs, meetings, run a business, renew driver’s license/vehicle reg/other crap, get a degree, get a highschool diploma, get married, talk to friends/fam, make phone calls, create/view photo albums, debate, listen to music, create music, video chat, go to art galleries, rent books from the library, watch TV, rent movies, get your mail, news, order dinner, shop for shit, shop for all your groceries, pay all your bills, access your bank accounts, order prescriptions–I’m sure there’s a lot more I’m missing.

Did what you mean by your comment is to not take this video game forum so serious? I also don’t agree with that. These forums wouldn’t be any good if all I saw was posts like [STRIKE]“fukc you” and so forth[/STRIKE] mine all over the place–I mean who wants to read [STRIKE]“fukc you” and so forth[/STRIKE] my shitty ass posts all the time?

So in the end, -1 minute of your life