I haven’t been back here in a while. It’s blocked at my work’s website, and I don’t have access at home. I’m typing from the Central library in Syracuse, at the moment.

So, what’s up, guys? Having good lives and stuff? … Good, I’m glad to hear that. What’s that? Hmm… okay, okay… pink earmuffs, you say? I daresay that surprises me quite a bit.

My life? Uhh… right now I’m involved with hot D&D 4th ed action. That makes me hot, doesn’t it make you hot? Indeed, it does. I can see it from the gelatin tears rolling down your face. Pure Jell-O tears, lime flavored, of course.

I’m also (fucking FINALLY) playing Fallout and Fallout II. I’m in utter love. Hold me, PIPboy… hold me.

EDIT: Oh, it doesn’t block the archives, BTW. Sometimes I go through them. I only wish I had access to Sabin level amusements.

Where do you work

Hi, GAP!! :wave: How you doing? Heeey, no D&D sex discussions on these boards!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously, I’m glad that things are good for you. Me? Same old, same old. I’m not gonna get any younger, you know. :wink: Nice hearing from you, post more often (Wait, this site is BLOCKED at your workplace? Where do you work at, a church?) ::doh::

Yeah I saved it.

In Tyler I Trust

Hey dude sup :smiley:

I took a decently lng break myself, probably right in the middle of your absence, and only just find myself missing your usual comments. The poor others nuggetes here had to rough it out. So, yeah, hola and stuff.

I’ve found that alot of companies are putting a short “allowed sites” list on their servers now instead of going through the hassle of disallowing 12 million ones individually.

I’m also (fucking FINALLY) playing Fallout and Fallout II. I’m in utter love. Hold me, PIPboy… hold me.

All’s well in the world then. What kind of character do you play? Last time i tried to play FO in self-inflicted Iron Man mode and a stray critical from a Mutant patrol killed me as I was trying to destroy the Military Base. Too bad, I say.

Oh boy, old man Rountree. My bands have been doing good, you should check out their respective myspace’s sometime. Good to hear you’re still hailing the silver cloud prince.

Plum hat! glomp Is the doctor still lickable, yes? Splendid. one handed clap

984: A particularly Lawful Evil corporation that would not like it very much if I talked about them. I’d say SHINRA, but that was something Kaiser said all the time, so I don’t want to steal his label for that other particularly evil corporation.

Wil: Well, for some reason games related sites are blocked at work. This is fine during work, but kinda stinks during lunch. I can’t even check Gmail or anything.

Rinn: Awesome! I just wish that I could view it at work. Instead, I’m doing it here in the delicious library of deliciousness.

Lanynx: Delicious.

GG Crono: Not much. You?

TrkJac: I suppose that would make sense, but that isn’t how it’s done. You’d be surprised at some of the sites that aren’t blocked. I just wish that Something Awful [“TASTELESS”] and this one [GAMES RELATED] weren’t blocked. The Guardian was once blocked as “OCCULT,” so I don’t think that we’re dealing with a sophisticated blocking mechanism, here.

Rigamorale: Intelligence and Charisma heavy character with small guns, speech, and barter. In Fallout I, I pick Gifted and Good Natured. In Fallout II, I play a female and pick Gifted and Sex Appeal. The ratio of males to females in the game is astounding.

Gila-Monster: That is bandS, as in plural? Man. It looks like your hat is full of delicious, delcious feathers. Or something.

DT: LICK Mmmm! I can’t believe it’s not human. How’s it going, Nietzsche demoness?

The same, really. Good to see you again.

Hm… If you’re in Connecticut yet, I would say… THE WWE!


If you’re still in New York, I’ll just guess something mundane like Newscorp.

Yeah, the jazzy/bluesy one:

and the metal one:

We’ll have some demos/eps soon so I’ll have to mail you some when they’re done.

Btw, fast shot (+gifted if you feel like it) high agility HtH/Melee characters in FO1 are really effective. 10+ super sledge hits/round.