Well, that’s what those Salmon get for skinny dipping in the ocean at night.

Also those fishermen needed a bigger boat.

“Power overwhelming” is the first thing that comes to mind.

And, quickly after,

Is it publicity for The swarm?

RPT, only a one unit type army could fail against a one unit type army.


That’s ridiculous. I love stuff like this

This is huge. That was a major farm that exports tons of fish, as far as Des Moines, where I cooked salmon from that farm.

The price of salmon will likely spike by a quarter a pound or higher. This may not sound like a lot, but it is capable of kicking a small scale seafood restaurant into the ground.

Anyone remember the E Coli scare from spinach? Last year at this time, you could not get fresh spinach for less than $20 a case. Normally it is around $7. All because a major farm got screwed.

8 Months ago, Chiquita was busted by the goverment for funding a terrorist group. They hired militants to protect their farms in Central America from the civil wars. They ceased production for 2 weeks. Guess how much Bananas went up in that time? They quadrupled in price.

Wow. Just…wow. That was their only fish farm?

Well, I guess England will have to give it back now.

Y’know, if the mauve stingers are in any way useful, they’d have a whole new market there.

Not only that, but they’re safe from russians. Ever since every russian was replaced with a bear, they only invade the salmon-rich lands of the earth.
A good tactical move from the liche king St. Patrick. No doubt it’s McGowan’s dark plan to achieve immortality as the Northern Blackbishop or Cyrith Ungoll. Only his drunken cries may summon the great bloodswarm which dwelled below the roaring waves, bastard sons of the kraken and a demon too horrible to name.
I only pray he knows the power of what he has unleashed.

The boy knows of our plan.

The jellyfish must eliminate him.

I guess they can change from a salmon farm to a jellyfish farm

In a cruel irony, St. Patrick was actually an Englishman.

Culturally adopted.