If you buy World of Warcraft can you play it offline, or is it an online game only?

If you can…is it any good that way?

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World of Warcraft is a fully online game. There is no offline play.

However, the notion that you have to pay to play online is just the man getting you down, if that’s the objection to intertron gaming.

How much is it monthly?

Is it worth it?

It’s only worth it if you enjoy playing it. But the subscriptions don’t carry over unused amounts. You buy X hours; and if you don’t use them up, whatever’s left is gone when the month’s over.

You have to buy it by the hour?

It’s not just a monthly fee?

I believe it’s a monthly fee of 15 bucks, but it may have changed.

Again, there is another way.
Come to the dark side, Rufi0. You can forcechoke poeple, and get subscription services for free.

It’s a monthly fee, you need to buy a gamecard that has a code, enter it in account management and you get a month playtime. How much you play during that month is irrevelant to the price.

I’d love the man to get down on me. Orcs accepted as well.

Seriously, get the Guild Wars games. It’s not nearly as retarded as WoW, and there’s a whole hell of a lot more strategy involved. Also, the monthly fee is $0 without breaking the law.

Not to mention that the Guild Wars community doesn’t have nearly as many dicks as the WoW community.

well, they’re mostly just dicks because either 1. ur a noob, or 2. they have more stuff than you. but i don’t really play that much anymore. mostly because of all the retarded noob beggars who ask just about everyone for gold or items or anything and they are so friggin anoying. I have played guild wars before though, and yes there isn’t as much dicks on guild wars as on wow, but i think there is even more beggars on guild wars.

Uh… You don’t need to buy hours OR a gamecard… You can just give credit card info and they’ll take 15 bucks a month

Um, no. People generally act as if being an asshole in World of Warcraft is a part time job. It has nothing to do with being a newbie at the game.

Wow is a good game but the cost i dont like but its worth it

Yeah thats true.

How much is this Guild Wars game?

I dunno, $30 or so? There’s also several expansion packs.