Delay is bitching that he feels that the Democrats are engaging in the policy of destroying someone politically. I just can’t hold back a guffaw at the irony of a republican saying that especially in the context of what is going on with the Plame affair and the Bush WH political tactics. I just wonder, where the hell are the people that are supposed to vocally and publically shoot people like him and Jack Thomson down?

‘In prison’ wouldn’t really surprise me, but I don’t know.
This is like how, throughout the election, the Republicans mentioned what we did in El Salvador as a good thing, and nobody called them on it. I don’t know where the people who’re supposed to argue are anymore, either.

Politicians are all just a bunch of crooks, anyways.

well in Delay’s defense illegal finance contributions is one of those tricky areas. They constantly change the laws as to what is legal and what is not and unless you are really astute it is easy to accidently mess up. If you look long enough it will be hard to find a politician who has been around a while and hasn’t accidently done it in some form. This is why it can seem like a vendetta.

In response to his accusations, that is what rankles a lot of democrats about republicans. They are very insulting, accusatory, and derogatory. The word liberal itself has almost become a cuss word in the US.

For who will stand up, that is the funny thing. Republicans claim all news networks and newspapers have a liberal bias yet the ideas that get out and circulate the easiest are republican views. I will say that most of the high level of the democratic party are loonies and that’s a lot of the reason. They are very easy to discredit. People have spoken up, but those considered the voices of the party are the only ones listened to and they are easily shot down. Until an opposing party comes up with suitable leaders the good ol’ boys will continue to run politics the way they want to.