Well, the snowstorm that was promised to hit northeast did hit, and I can safely say I’ve never seen this much snow in years, and certainly not a blizzard warning. The supermarkets, hardware stores, and whatnot are completely mobbed (glad my family did it yesterday).

Anyone else live under the snowstorm’s area and how hard are you being hit? Otherwise, how much snow have you gotten thus far?

I live in south eastern Wisconsin and it’s been snowing since 6 last night. I ran outside at 5 am to see what it was like. It’s rather swamped here.

We’ve gogten hit, not as hard as we’re gonna be, though. But after the last coupla blizzards we’ve had around here, I’m not so worried.

I think I’m right in its path, but I haven’t gotten hit yet.

If you need me, I’ll be under about a dozen blankets.

Another reason to live in Texas.

I HATE the cold. It always, always, finds a way to get me sick in no time flat…

I’m going to have a ball. We haven’t been hit yet, but we’re s’posed to get like 2 feet. My mom went shopping, had to follow people to their cars to get a cart. Lotsa people prepping for tonight.

I went to the grocery store a few hours ago. On the way back, my footprints were completely covered. It’s a 5 minute walk.

Using the skills you have learned in this chapter, solve for x, or, the amount of snow fallen during Hades’ trip to the store.

I’m just outside philly, (like, 5 minutes), and its started snowing around noon and hasn’t let up. We’ve got a good 10 inches so far. But really, we get snow like this every 3 years or so, so its nothing new.

I like the snow anyway, its fun to play around in, so i don’t mind.

Pft I live in Nova Scotia and we’ve been hit with 40 CM…three times this week :smiley: Monday, Thursday, and tonight. You aint got nothing on us. Our stores weren’t mobbed, they were closed , jigga.


I have about 3 inches of snow at my house. This rocks.

Another reason why San Diego is an awesome place to live. It’s a beautiful cloud free day and about 72 degrees (F).
Still, if I want snow, it’s about an hour and a half drive to the mountains. Snowboard in the morning and be back in time for a evening at the beach.

Its been snowing steady since the morning here, perfect for going out sledding and boarding. Unfortunatly, I’m sick. :bowser:

I have not been paying attention to the weather here in Vermont, but tomorrow evening I’ll have to drive back to New Hampshire. Fortunately, it’s not that long, but still.

Here in Colorado it’s a nippy 40 degrees right now…not as bad as beng in the Great Lakes Region this time of year, though.

Wow, I just got back from my friends house. Fishtailing is fun :slight_smile:

We got rain. It might freeze tonight. I dunno. But it’s still rather wet.

Yeah, I think we’re safe. I’m more concered about the Pihilladelphia Eagles, it’s snowed more than 8 inches up there, so I’m wondering about the NFC game today…

Clear sky in Timmins right now. We’ve gotten less than 3 feet of snow all winter.

Jerk. [/jealous]

I live in NH, it’s not that bad right now, but last night it was snowing like heck!