Wow What Gear Do you have

Tell in writeing Or Tell in a Picture

I have a three button mouse.

I have a very old, very dirty keyboard.

Logitech G15 keyboard and G5 Laser mouse ^^

You really can’t compare to Zero’s.

I’m 18, have cable internet, my girlfriend lives an hour and a half away, and I live in the basement.
Don’t tell me I can’t compare. Trust me.

I’m 22, and had the same keyboard since I’ve been 13 or 14, I forget which of the two. It’s missing a spacebar, I ate and performed various activities in front of the screen, and I had a cat that seemed to think it was a therapeutic massageamajig.

Beaten only by age. Only.
I’ve had this since I was 13 as well.
You win this round, Zero.

Some of the models are screwed up, and so the equipment looks different in-game than in these screenshots.

<img src=“”>

My Red Fleece Jacket/Cloak of Charisma +2. This is the only thing keeping people from running away from me.

<img src=“”>

My Masterwork White Shirt, it provides me with a +1 bonus to AC without hampering my ability to cast arcane spells.

<img src=“”>

My Blue Jeans of Blinding. Anyone within 20 feet of me must make a DC14 Reflex Save when I do a pelvic thrust, or be blinded for 1d4 rounds.

<img src=“”>

My White Underwear/Bag of Holding. I use this to store my gear, since otherwise I would be heavily encumbered. By gear I mean my penis.

<img src=“”>

My Black Socks of Cruelty. I can use these to cast Cloudkill up to three times per day.

<img src=“”>

My White/Grey Sneakers of Tumbling, these provide me with a +5 modifier to my Tumble checks, essentially improving my ability to fall without getting hurt.

Shit, I wanted to brag about my gear, but is that what we’re talking about?

oh this is about World of Warcraft?

I have a guilty gear.

If this was ever about WoW, I think it’s devolved into something else now. Something more… primordial.

my gears :enguard:

I have computar

I destroyed the intarweb! I lose at life!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t project SMELL with 3d models. Not to mention the fact all the dirt is missing.

<a href=“”>My gear</a>.

Ironically, the server Crotanks’ picture is on redirects outside links to a logo containing a gear.

Here’s my gears:

I got two and a half, one of which comes with a succubus who transforms into a raven. :smiley: