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There is no in-game weather, I would have liked to see coulds heavy with rain.

Spell properly for one.
They could make the game more challenging and demanding: it shouldn’t be easy and nearly effort-less to level to level 50. You certainly shouldn’t be able to solo it with ease as you apparantly can now. They need to extend the game substantially: I’ve had friends who left Final Fantasy XI to play World of Warcraft. They came back in less than a month, because then they had done everything there was to do. It’s still too young.

Oh, its a game…whoops, sorry about that.


[ul][li]Introduce mounts at an earlier level. Say, 30. At this point you’ve been playing for maybe three-four weeks so it would be a good reward for ‘making it halfway’.
[/li][li]Take away Contribution Points or some other kind of thing from players who kill other players more than seven levels below them. PvP may be an integral part of the system, but level 60s being able to kill level 10s with no penalty just because they feel like it is fucking stupid.
[/li][li]Increase the drop rates and vendors for Daggers and Cloth armour. Right now Rogues have to make constant Instance trips at higher levels to get decent gear.
[/li][li]More recipes for skills and more frequent common herbs, fishes, meats etc! Professions is an awesome part of the game and should be encouraged. Hell, take this to the next step and delete vendors entirely and rely on a REAL player-based economy, like Star Wars Galaxies did!
[/li][li]Raise the level cap to 70 after, say, another month, and make a new instance for these players, with new monsters and items. Raise the cap by 10 every six months or so in time with new content to keep the game relatively fresh. To those who whine about reaching said level being hard; what the hell did you expect?
[/li][li]Reduce the Hearthstone downtime to 20 mins or so.
[/li][li]Dyes. Most characters will look like a fashion-blind mish-mash by the time you reach 60. Might as well give us some way to correct this. B-)

Anyone who plays WoW after a month or so will have a ton more ideas than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I disagree entirely with this. Constant partying was FFXI’s crutch and drove hordes of people away from (maybe not you, but certainly people who didn’t have regular friends to play with). WoW’s ability to solo everything except the dungeons is what makes it, in my opinion, a much better MMO. Guild Wars went the other way and made partying mandatory, but introduced NPC henchmen if you didn’t want to group with other humans. Both ways work, but no game should make you party if you don’t want to.

As for your other point, low difficulty is also a good thing, since success in WoW and all other MMOs (save Guild Wars) is, let’s face it, NOT primarily skill-based but based on how many hours you put into it. Making it easy to reach higher levels is only a good thing. Most of the game only opens up in the 30+ zone, and peaking faster will let you take part in the REALLY good stuff like Molton Core (ultimate dungeon) and raids on towns and the storyline chatacters like Thrall and Sylvanas. If WoW was, say, twice as hard as it was now, it would be a LOT less fun.

It’s still what has driven people away from World of Warcraft and back to Final Fantasy XI: they’re not so few as you may think, and in any case, you don’t don’t have to party in Final Fantasy XI, that’s what the two jobs Beastmaster and Summoner are for. It’s silly to think that a Bard or a Black Mage or a White Mage should be able to solo their way through hordes of enemies to level 75 or even 50.

Okay, I could understand White Mages/Preists being unable to solo since they’re basically a support class, but there’s no reason a Black Mage or any other class should need to party. Every class in WoW has good soloing points (Druids can morph into animal forms for various situations and can bind enemies, Warlocks can blast the fuck out of whatever they see and have familiars) and good grouping ones (Hunter’s pets can be used as damage sponges, Paladins can herd enemies away from weaker members).

The reason I, personally, think WoW is a lot better than FFXI is that no class makes you play the game a certain way. You pointed out Beastmaster and Summoner as getting around this, what about the other classes? If one class (ie Generic Fighter Class) can kill a single enemy easily while another class of a similar level (ie Generic Mage Class) has serious trouble with the same enemy, the game has serious balance issues.

Of course a lot of people don’t like WoW for this exact reason, but I think that when Square took a cool concept and world and ballsed up the mechanics like they did, they missed a great opportunity.

Having played neither game, I must say, uh, I kinda like Pierson’s points better. Sure, having a “weak” class is okay in a single-player game where you’ve got the whole party, but in a multiplayer game you wanna be able to work well singly and in groups.

Nulani is wrong about how easy WoW is. The first 20 levels you can solo easily. 20-40 you can solo alright, gotta be careful. The last 20 are difficulut to solo, and the last 10 are nearly impossible to solo. And it isn’t because you can solo through most of the quests that you can solo through everything. WoW is designed to have group dungeons from the start of the game where if you don’t have a group, you’re fucked very badly. And what’s neat is that the consistency of these groups is very flexible and adds variety to the game experience.

Believe me, while there may be a lot of high levels relatively in WoW vs FFXI, (I guess from the sound of it), if you look at the total player population, they’re a slim minority.

The thing is in WoW, people still group a lot for a variety of reasons. IF anything, to avoid the opposing faction. You’re just not FORCED to.

And no its not possible to see everything in a month.

To improve wow, blizzard should allow char transfers between servers, give the game some weather variety and a few other things I don’t feel like typing right now.

I think what WoW needs is to fix up the classes, there are some serious bugs that are around and have been known about but not fixed. In addition they also need to make it harder to get to level 60. This was my first MMO and I could get to 60 with relative ease, it took me about 3 months to get to the level cap, if they raise it, it better be DAMN hard to level.

Make you run fucking faster. Snails run faster than you run.

YES. That or make vendors sell Swiftness Potions (50% bonus to running speed for two minutes) cheap. Right now the only way to get them as the Horde is by spending 10s-1g on them in the Auction Houses.