Wow, this is pretty amazing.

Paralyzed people are walking again! Christopher Reeve’s foundation is getting people to walk again. This is pretty amazing. It is quite a legacy for him to leave.

Wow and awesome rolled up into one.

Remarkable. :o

*Clap, clap. Bravo.

Did Nulani just clap?? 0_o

I want to know more details about the process and its success rate before I go, “YESS!!” Still, it looks promising.

What’s so surprising about that? I’ve done it before.

Yes, but we couldn’t hear the sarcasm from this one…

There wasn’t any.

Paralyzed people are walking again. Even if there’s a small chance of success despite years of training, that’s something amazing.

I have a question: do you have to have been able to walk for this to work? Use of the words “retraining” and “remembering” leads me to believe so, but what if you’ve been paralyzed since birth?

The human body never ceases to amaze. What’s even more interesting is that they’ve got a superb solution without the need of stem cells, so no one is going to keep people from trying this because of ethical problems.