Wow, they make MS look like Saints.

Gator sucks major balls. I installed DivX pro with adware and Grokster (both GAIN [made by Gator] supported programs), and GAIN installed many advertising programs, stupid little programs, pop-ups for everytime I visited a page, software that was viewable under Add/Remove programs, but not removable, pop-ups on boot-up (many, it took me 10 mintues to close them all), always installed advertiser software without my knowing or allowing it and reinstalling it after I uninstalled it, Pop-ups that hid the close buttona nd required more work to close, 10 million pop-up stopper pop-ups (yeah, I’m gonna trust a pop-up stopper that is advertised on a pop-up, right…), little annoying things to IE. Man it pissed me off. Since I couldn’t remove the stuff, I had to set my computer back to factory settings. Luckily I just got my computer back yesterday so I didn’t lose much, but DAMN! Thats the worst I’ve EVER seen adware. Gator is now atthe top of my list of evil companies that must be destroyed. They beat MS by a million miles. Ah…I feel better now.


Gator is a evil company. They killed my mother…

Gator sucks. My first experience with it was right after my parents bought this computer; total suckage.

Meh. My big bad experiences come from Xupiter, the Spyware That Never Dies.

I hear that, StarStorm. Also notable are “Lop”, and “Internet Optimizer”.

Use adaware in cunjunction with spybot, it’ll get everything off.

Uh, I’ll post a link later, not on my comp at the moment.

Can I have a virus instead? It’d surely be less annoying and cause less harm.