WoW RPGC Guild:

If you have not gotten in touch with CH (Chuh) to fix the charter we’re supposed to turn in (again - shit happens, so we have to redo it) get in touch with him. His nick is Chuh. The sooner we have a guild, the better. He only needs 3 signatures. I poked Rud about it today, but he hasn’t signed yet. Get off your butts in Dragonmaw! The more RPGCers we have, the better :smiley:

Here I am!

Meh, the guild isn’t that big of a deal. The main thing it gets you is an automatic guild chat channel (we could make our own channel, I did on the kil’jaeden server but no one was using it, because the nebraska death squad all joined some bigger guild). I guess it also sticks the guild name over your head, and lets you get a guild tabard. And rudora’s characters seem to be joining other guilds.Fun fact: we finished the charter once, and Chuh got a message saying a guild already existed with the name rpgc and the charter vanished.

I don’t know if we’re even allowed to use “RPGC” or “RPGClassics” as guild names, as they are not WoW related. My brother also brought up the point that if “RPGClassics” is a copyrighted name, it may be blocked out by the guild name filter.

But we should definitely try and get this guild up as soon as possible. It will make it a lot easier for us to talk and trade with each other.

One time, when I was doing a making a guild in beta, the charter wouldnt work when I tried to register it and it was for the stupidest reason…

The charter was in one of my bags, not my Backpack.

That may be the same problem you guys had, I dunno.

Me and Lanyx have asked for a time to get on to sign
(By the way, Epic Mounts rock and so does going to Molten Core)

Edit: I think the patch is out…
Edit3: We aren’t in Black Knights anymore, unfortunately. We left to join Zephyros.

I left the BK as well. They were great people, but the guild simply blew if you wanted to have a solid group of people to party with. They were all soloing stingy-butts.

Please don’t hijack another WoW thread.

EDIT: Never mind, I dont want to get banned again, lol…

Woo Dragonmaw

you can try petitioning a GM over the charter miscue, it’s something they know about as an issue.

I did, no response.

As to getting new people to sign the charter, it looks like my famed internet is down yet again, woo hoo. I’ll probably be on a little bit late at night this weekend if I go home to look for signatures. I can’t really play on my parents computer since I could get a faster frame rate on that thing if I painted each one by hand.