WOW RPGC Guild: Dragonmaw (Horde)

This thread is for the RPGC guild we will (hopefully) be forming on the Dragonmaw server. If you start a character on this server then post your race/class/profession/etc. here. Or we can use this for general discussion of the characters on the dragonmaw server only .

ClothHat ~ Chuh: Undead - Warrior - Mining/Engineering

*Frameskip ~ Scynthius: Undead - Rogue - Leatherworking/Skinning

Zeppelin ~ Selenius: Undead - Priest - Tailoring/Enchanting

*Elfslayer ~ Lokash: Orc - Warrior - ?

PanamaJack ~ Lynch: Troll - Shaman - Leatherworking/Skinning

*Zero ~ Citrine: Undead - Mage - Alchemist/Herbalist hippy

Curtis ~ Curtys: Troll - Warrior - Blacksmithing/Mining

Shinobi ~ Thursday: Undead - Rogue - ?

Vorpy ~ Vardesh: Troll - Shaman - Alchemy/Herbalism
Vorpy ~ Vardini: ? - Druid - Skinning/Leatherworking

Rudora ~ Ruda: Tauren - Shaman - Skinning/Leatherworking
Rudora ~ Rudaroo: Orc - Warrior - Mining/Blacksmithing

*Ramza ~ Apotheosis: Undead - Warlock - ?

Ahkeeyuu ~ Ahkeeyuu: Tauren - Shaman - ?

Merlin ?

Kirokikori ?

I created a charter and have started passing it around, those of you with *s next to your names still need to get in touch with me and sign it.

Who is gonna start the guild?

Troll Warrior, Blacksmithing/Mining…

I guess I will.



Maybe I’ll make a horde character there too. If I do, I think I’ll probably be some sort of shaman, since alliance doesn’t get them. Or a tauren druid.

Oh yeah, the character’s name is ‘Curtys’.

Thursday, Undead Rogue

I just edit Chuh’s original post to update my info, nyohoho

I made an alt that I’ll prolly never play. If you need a 10th signature to start up the guild, PM me and i’ll be happy to lend a hand.

Vardesh, troll shaman. Herbalist/alchemy.

We should set up instance/quest/raiding schedules as well, since I don’t see people on too often at the same time.

Also, seeing as how no one else is doing tailoring, I am currently in need of drastically huge amounts of linen cloth, and could start using some wool cloth soon too. Please send all extras my way. If anyone wants to help me farm some linen at Ambermill tonight while I take a break from my thesis, that’d be sweet too. You can get massive quantities of linen and shitty greens (for disenchanting) there. Let me know.

Hey, I’m up for it y’all. I might make a character now. :slight_smile:

Ruda - Tauren Shaman - Skinning/Leatherworking
Rudaroo - Orc Warrior - Mining/Blacksmithing

damnit! when did this decision happen!? And we have to be the horde? mann I already got forced into being a Horde character on the server my college friends chose (which is kinda sucky).

I’ll see what I can do about making a character on it. guhhh

I’m gonna be getting the game, so when I do I’ll join it.

The internet in my apartment has decided to suddenly die for no reason again. I still need three signatures to complete the guild charter. Those of you who still haven’t signed it, PM me for times you might be on this weekend, I have to go home this weekend to help around the house, so I might have limited access if we can set up a time.

is there anyway you could give the charter to me or something so I could finish getting it signed?

No, it’s soulbound. I should be able to finish it up this weekend though if the people with *s next to their names can get on.

I’ve also started a druid with skinning/leatherworking, named Vardani. I’ll leave the rest for you to deduce!