WOW RPGC Guild : Blackrock (Alliance)

Alright people, list your chars. This is where its at. This is a PVP server to keep everyone happy.

I have a NE Druidesse named Sinistrelle. She’ll be a herbalist-alchemist. Join up alliance kiddies!

Sin shows his cute side?

Yet another server? What about dragonmaw? :frowning:

And if I was going to go to yet another server I think I’d prefer PvE, PvP just means that at any given moment in the level 20+ areas you can be killed by random idiots.

We can’t have horde and alliance chars on the same server and also, if the server crashes, it gives everyone alternatives.

Zero has a char here now also. An NE priest

Some of us have alliance characters on Kil’jaeden.

So which server will you be on more, blackrock or dragonmaw?

Boo, Dragonmaw is the only RPGC server

We don’t all have to be horde. I’m on both Blackrock and Dragonmaw.

Yes we do

No. Now stop derailing my thread :P.

Blackrock is a High Population Server. It’s soon to be on one of the Transferable character thingys because it’s so bad. o_O

yeah-blackrock is bad news. I say we wait to see what server Kil’ Jaeden transfers to.

o_o; blinks Maybe I got the wrong server written down, I’ll get back to everyone on this.

Any news on this one?

It was a medium server when I checked and no one seems to care to play alliance so… :\

i made a Night elf on Blackrock named Aiai if any one wants to contact me tell me what is going on do

I picked up a charter today. So get in contact with my Rogue, Ahinna to sign.

I have a Gnome Mage called Midgemag here. Also, the server density seems to be all relative since both Dragonmaw and Blackrock are low when I’ve checked them.

EDIT: I just created a Human Paladin named “Kulum” on Blackrock.

It also means that you can have fun killing lowbies when you get bored with all the other awesome stuff to do. PVE is lame because you WILL get the urge to kill people while they are out in the grinding areas and you CAN’T do it.

PVP is worth the setbacks of ganking.

Level 60 warrior on burning blade!! (horde)

I aint changing servers now, but your welcome to join my alliance character on deathwing (lv 12 mage)

Let’s just say I’m seriously tempted by the concept of Guild Wars, once I’ve gotten another hard drive, and HL2, and, er, a job.