WoW or EQ?

If I were going to immerse myself into a MMORPG, which should I try? List the pro’s and con’s of each. I really want to get involved in a game, but I’m unsure which to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have time to do a big thing on this. But heres my two cents:

~I played WoW since stress test 1 and still play it now. I love it more than GOD.
~I played EQ2 for a total of 2 weeks and thought it was “meh” at best with an ULTRA-SLOW start.

Game informer gave:
WoW: 9.5
EQ2: 8.5

Read reviews. They give more insight than many jaded gamers (including myself) will.

Heh, I think WoW is for those who either LOVE the Warcraft universe, or are newer to MMOs. EQ2 is probably (I haven’t played it, this is an assumption) super confusing and super ‘work for 10 hours to gain 5 experience’

The answer lies within you.
World of Warcraft is a great game. I’d suggest it

I would also have to say WoW, especially cause it’s the only MMO that I know atm that doesn’t seem such a grind, it’s because you had to grind alot to lvl in other MMo’s that I lost interest fast.

So WoW is a lighter version in the genre? I haven’t played a MMO before, they seem fun. I want something thats deep and involving but fun.

Any game that requires grinding (ie repetitive task for the purpose of getting stronger to be able to get to the next area), well that’s just stupid. It’s like older video game rpgs like the earlier final fantasy games and dragon warrior games. As they got better at making the games they managed to add more content so now newer games don’t require you to fight battles just for the purpose of getting experience and gold, instead you just do the stuff in the story and the battles you fight on the way give you all the exp and gold you really need. WoW is more like the newer rpgs in that respect…it is more like a newer type of mmorpg…the older mmorpgs seem to resemble the older rpgs…

WoW pushes a very deep and involved and intertwining plot that you can follow if you feel so inclined. One of the first plots that I picked up on and followed closely was the one involving the Defias Bandits (an alliance Stormwind series of quests) and I got CHILLS as it unfolded.

Honestly, the best reason to do quests in world of warcraft (aside from lots of EXP) is the brilliantly written story.

Good times.

If you’re new to the MMO community, I’d suggest something small, and easy, such as Tibia. Sure, you can go off and buy WoW and/or Everquest, but you also have to pay subscription fees! In Tibia, it’s all free! But, in some cases, you should buy a Premium account and squeeze all the benefits from it. I’ve played all three, Tibia, WoW, and EQ, and I got bored of WoW, 'cause I’m not a fan of Warcraft in general, but I enjoyed it to an extent. With Everquest, I really enjoyed it. I played it after I completed Champions of Norrath for the PS2, so that sort of sparked the interest. I really enjoyed it, but it got stupid, and repetitive. It’s nothing special, just something to keep you busy. Tibia, however, I’ve been a member for 2 years now, and I’d be level 120 by now if I hadn’t found out where Game-Chat was… I’m a mere level 17 now. But still, the graphics are simple, the game is incredibly addicting… I’ve tried to leave it about 5 times now, only to come crawling back; and there is safe-trading too! So, out of the three, I’d tolly reccomend Tibia.

Ragnarok Online is worth your time more than that shit WoW.

But even then, you’ll get bored after wasting months/years of your life, have no job, friends, or hopes of ever having sex (not only because you’re ugly, but also because the radiation of STUPID from MMOs causes impotence).

Save your money, buy a whore. You’ll enjoy her much more.


Neither. Buy a game that’s open ended, you only have to pay for once, and isn’t, you know, almost completely populated with assholes.

'cause of my massive popularity on the server I play on Tibia; which is Rubera, I usually come across such comments directed to me, or other people in the same boat I am in.

“fri itens!1plzore1”
“huntertt to rock”
“I welele HECK U!1!”
“GIvE <s>SOJ</s> itams.s”
“plz giv itemna!1111”

The list goes on. This is another reason to join Tibia; you find it annoying at first, then it just becomes laughable.