WoW: Let's play the money making game

Shinobi, PanamaJack, and myself were kicking around an idea to make money in WoW. We all know we can trade goods between the Horde and Alliance only using the Gadgetzan AH. We also all know that the Gadgetzan AH sucks ass and no’one ever uses it. Now everyone Dragonmaw right now is Horde, if we had access to the Ironforge AH we could make some money. We could track prices between the two auction houses since prices for trade goods are in constant flux, but that seems a bit too complex for us at this point, so what we’re going to focus on first is Horde/Alliance only goods. Pets and recipes are easy to get and there are plenty that are Horde/Alliance only, what we need to do is get them into Ironforge.

We need someone who does NOT have a horde character on Dragonmaw to make an alliance character. You’ll need to level them up enough to reach Gadgetzan (Or just strongarm your way through dying all the time). Then we can meet in Gadgetzan at predetermined times to trade goods with the AH by setting buyout prices of 1 silver. You can then take what we give you back to Ironforge, sell them there and then give us our cut of the money by selling a silverleaf in Gadgetzan with a buyout of ____. We were thinking a 25% cut for the alliance player. The same thing can be done in reverse with the alliance player purchasing alliance only goods and one of us selling them in Orgrimmar for a 25% cut.

What level are all you guys? I can give you a really nice way to make money no matter the level you are. I’ve had some friends in the pet selling business, and they aren’t all that rich.
(Keep in mind, these ways = grinding)

Oh, and rogues, you lucked out. You have one of the best ways of making money in the game. You gotta be level 55+ probably though :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, grinding! That sure is a brilliant idea for making money you have there.

Hey, at least he didn’t suggest camping high-level areas like half the FFXI cimmunity does.

Grinding and pickpocketing put aside, we’re trying to make some money by using economics. I think selling horde/alliance exclusive items is a great idea and has some real potential. At the very least, we’ll provide ourselves with some nifty items.

I’m snooping around to find horde exclusive stuff, and I’ll probably make a list later on. If you have any ideas, feel free to send them my way.

I wouldn’t argue against grinding, seeing as how it’s you know, the best EXP and money-maker throughout the entire game. =D

But if you guys wanna try that out, go ahead. :slight_smile:

Of course it is Ramza, you’re killing mobs. It stands to reason that killing MORE mobs will get you MORE exp, items, and money. But I’m sure some people don’t want to do the same repetitive task over and over when they have better things to spend their time on. Like school. Or work. Or sleeping.

What self respecting night elf wouldn’t want a pet cockroach?

Standing infront of the AH doesn’t seem too fun either, Epic.

Vorpy: Panda Cub FTW

Yeah, but you don’t need to stand in front of the AH for six hours straight for this plan to work. Once we get the goods moving, we can simply put them up for auction and then go off and do other things.