Wow, Konami has some good Ideas.

They are working on a Game called Boktai for the GBA.

You play a vampire hunter. Your job is to kill Vampires. The game comes with an inbuilt sunlight sensor which you can use to fill up your weapons energy.

Argh, just watch the Trailer . Can’t explain how it works.

Is this another castlevania game or what?

Uhm ACtually… apparently it is out. GameFAQS as a few FAQs on it…

I heard about this game…the Game Informer review said that the game was a LOT harder if you didn’t play it outside on a very sunny day. If it happens to be cloudy out, you’re BONED.

The japanese is out I believe.

No, it was released in the states a couple of weeks ago.

Anyone played it?

In other words, they found a way to kick the emulators in the sac.

Buffy? It sounds like Buffy, is it Buffy in disguice?

This game is discriminating, it is discriminating against those of us who dislike sunlight: Who hate sunlight. It should be forbidden, locked out, cast away from the good society of games. BlaBlaBla.

It sounds pretty cliché. And it is discriminating. The sun is bad. Bad!

But I do like the graphics. They should release a dark and evil version of the game, were you play as a vampire that slays vampire hunters. I would play that.

Konami is the consistently best game developer in the world. Metal Gear, Castlevania, Suikoden, Rocket Knight Adventures, the list goes on. Hideo Kojima is a genius.

<img src=“”> It is also not possible to finish it on emulator, since you need to be in direct sunlight to fight the last boss, not just have a full sun power meter thing.

Bro, I’m ashamed. Pay attention to release dates and keep updated :stuck_out_tongue:

J. Parish of ToastyFrog fame chronicled a week of playing it …

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Bro, I’m ashamed. Pay attention to release dates and keep updated :stuck_out_tongue:


…On the other hand, NOBODY here had made a thread on it, have we? (Some Video Game community we are…)

By the way, Nulani, I agree with you- I used to HATE vampires, but Vampire: The Masquerade convinced me they CAN make interesting characters.

I’ve seen the game before, it’s pretty interesting. Especially when you go through it again with improved weaponry.:slight_smile:

It came out state-side back in September. You can pretty easily find it at EB or whereever.

If you wanna talk about Konami’s more <I>recent</I> good ideas, I just bought Karaoke Revolution today… that rocks!

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater looks amazing

I saw it at Best Buy last week. I want it.

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Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater looks amazing

<img src=“”>