Wow, I downloaded a ton of stuff.

I download a lot of movies and TV shows (no commercials) and I’m burning them all onto CDs (I have a DVD burner, but it doesn’t burn the way I want it to for this stuff). Anyway, I’ve already burned about 80 cds worth of stuff and I still have a good amount left to burn. At 15 mintues a CD, this is taking quite awhile. I had no idea that I had downloaded quite this much.

Uh, congratulations?

Watch out, Bahamut and Hades might yell at you.

Just watch out for those damn RIAA

RIAA has no claim to the stuff I download. Like TV shows, I can just tape them. It is cool, though, I use Kazaa Lite++ and it has an option that supposedly blocks out the RIAA so that I don’t share with them (not that I keep much in my share folder anyway). The movies, I have quite a lot, some not even out on video/dvd yet (like the Butterfly Effect and it has pretty good quality).

yells at info

Your damn right!

bites off info’s head

Er… yay?

And there was much rejoicing.

When you have over 300 burned cds, we’ll talk.

Alright, just 15 CDs left to burn (I started with 100).

I had 21.7gbs free before I started the burning, I’m not at 85.5gbs free. YAY!

Lucky you.
You got more disk space than me.

Funny thing is, that is only half my hard drive…well, a little more than half. Those are just the data files.

Coolness. I don’t really like downloading movies or watching bootlegs, I really enjoy the better quality.

Same here, that is why I always get the DVD rips of movies out already. I only go for lower quality when it isn’t available to buy (like the Butterfly Effect). In fact, it has to have a certain quality or delete it.

EDIT: 5 CDs plus the one that is burning left. YAY!

I’ve recently been downloading a lot too…files over 100 MB. For me, that’s a lot because I only have dial-up…they take a few days. Yeah, it sucks…I’m looking forward to a faster connection in the fall. Still, I may not download huge files…we’ll see.

Yeah, well, we finaly got you Info, this entired website was created by the RIAA just to get you to admit to downloading stuff using file sharing programs. Now, please give us your address so we can send you a bill for 8 million dollars