WoW Expansion #1: The Burning Crusade

whut up in dis mmo

Confirmed new races are the Blood Elves and POSSIBLY the Panderan. Confirmed new locations are the Outland. The level cap is being raised to 70 BUT will NOT use the current talent-trees to avoid totally twinked characters (this may mean a new talent tree or a completely new system for 61-70). Time-travel will also feature in the Caverns of Time leading to areas that are only ruins in the current game. Enjoy.

edit; other stuff;

[ul][li]Jewelcrafting as a profession
[/li][li]Socketed items ala Diablo 2
[/li][li]Level 70 mounts
[/li][li]Flying mounts in Outland (God knows how they’re work this right)
[/li][li]Battle of Mount Hyjal and possible Original Dark Portal quest-storylines
[/li][li]Free-for-all PVP in Outland
[/li][*]More Troll instances as if there weren’t enough[/ul]

Not flying mounts, they’re just the new chickens.

And Blood Elves don’t look so goddamn angsty as those bloody Night Elves at least.

Oh god, where does it say FFA PvP in the Outland? Oh GOD. Oh GOD. Orgasming now

Holy jabeezus, on another note, there’s a page on the main website with a video and stuff about the expansion

Oh, and quite af ew members from my guild (25ish) went to Blizzcon, and they’ll be relaying all the things they got to see/play. I can post that here

Why do people take rumors like the panderan seriously? Theres a lot of other races that are more likely to go to the alliance than a joke race they put in WC3:TFT. Naga, Centaur, Goblins, Nathriziem, Dranei, High Elves that didn’t join the Blood Elves are all more likely than them putting in a joke as playable. I don’t think outland is going to affect world PvP much on PvP servers you’ll notice in parenthesis (except on pvp servers). But yeah theres a lot to look foreward to.

Man, the expansion might actually get me back into WoW at some point.

I agree with Frameskip, I’d actually be disapointed if we got the Pandarans and the horde got a badass race like the Bloodelves. We already have to deal with gnomes, geez.

On a side note, why look at screenshots when you can watch the video, lol:

Actually, I have to say gnomes are awesome. I had a female gnome mage for a little while and had I had some company I would’ve boosted her to 60. She was absolutely awesome and had the best lines of the game, imo.

What about the blood elves in the hinterlands who are hostile to horde?

What will become of the current endgame instances when players get 10 levels stronger? What about all the current endgame gear? Will all the endgame content just become non-endgame content, and will less organized players at higher levels be able to beat that stuff now? Will the legendary weapons become completely pointless to actually use as people get stronger rare and epic items from a level 70 raid?

Worst to Best

Current level 60 greens
Level 70 greens
Current level 60 blue set (Tier 0)
Upcoming level 70 blue sets
Current level 65 epic sets (Tier 1)
Upcoming level 75 epic sets
Current level 70 BWL/AQ sets (Tier 2)
Upcoming level 80 Ilidan/Medihv sets

Most epics that you’ll get in MC and BWL are over iLvl 75, so you won’t just be throwing them away. In other words, my Perdition’s Blade (iLvl 77) or Chromatically Tempered Sword (iLvl 77) will be better than the blues you’ll get at 70, but not the epics you’ll get from the next set of raid instances.

And Frame, I really do hope that we don’t get Pandaren. : \

I think the outland PvP will effect PvP quite a bit. For me, at least. If the PvP in Outland truly is FFA, I will be ganking more alliance than I will horde.

What about the trolls in Arathi who are hostile to horde? What about the orcs in Ragefire Chasm who are hostile to horde? What about the humans in deadmines, stromgarde, and SM that are hostile to alliance? What about the undead in duskwood who are hostile to undead? What about infinity…

Oh yeah, and Quel Thalas looks like Candyland. If Dranei are really in, I’m totally making a warrior or rogue or something on day one. That’s just badass.