I was interested in maybe trying out BC when it came out but months have passed since I stopped playing and I definetly can find other things to do than waste my life in making another character.

Here’s the thing though. I am more than happy to play it with my friends and do things in small groups and with a good friendly guild (haha that’s rare), its fun to do some of the 40 man stuff. However, even with the guild I had, I got sick of it and I had way too much to do IRL starting last september to commit to raiding schedules. 20 mans are even too big. So what I’m wondering is, do people know if there’ll be good fun, 5 man content in the exp? Grinding for 6 months to get Tier 1 million isn’t what gets me off. I don’t feel like having to deal with the bullshit and politics and drama that is associated with that. As things are going, here’s what’s happening in WoW: add a new huge dungeon people will waste months in. Restart new grind to replace now obselete equipment. Zero sent me pics of Tier 5 gear. When I quit, people were mid way up tier 3 on my server. And I just think to myself " Tier 5?!? ". I don’t want to have to grind tier after tier for a year with shit guilds and deal with all the garbage associated with that. I want the fun associated with doing all the 5 man stuff I had with my friends last time.

The big question is, does anyone know what this is going to look like? Should I add BC to my list?

From the sounds of it sin, PvE in general might not be something you want to do anymore. In BC the highest lvl raids are going to be atleast 25 man, and while 5 mans will still have decent loot, 25 mans will prolly have the best ones.

However what you might want to consider is the PvP aspect that is coming in BC. Simply put it’s getting a major overhaul that I think you might want to look into.

I’ll go into more details later though, i’m at work atm. >.>;

That was my original plan. My last char was a major pvper and it was a lot of fun, but I want a bit more balance to my gameplay. I don’t feel like doing warsong for 16 hours straight again. I want a bit of both.

I thought Blizzard is designing new dungeons with smaller raid guilds in mind starting with BC. I don’t play WoW anymore, but I read something like that on the Interweb.

In other WoW news, Slate does a good job of explaining why WoW sucks:

It doesn’t , actually.

They did do that, there are no new 40 mans in BC, the biggest dungeon area is only 25 man.

And Sin, it’s not just the BG’s that you can do, you can also be competitive in the arena!

You almost described my exact experience with WoW. A lot of friends bugged me to try it and I finally gave in. I had fun with my warlock all the way up to lvl 52. That’s when they all wanted me start raiding exclusively. I find raids EXTREMELY boring. You do the same exact thing every time and are forced to be 1-dimensional. The grinding for rep at 60 did not seem fun at all either. Plus I have too much other stuff in my life to stick to a strict schedule. WoW was a blast when I was able to play when I wanted to and my own style. With a warlock there were a lot of different ways to solo/group so it kept my interest.

I stopped playing about a month ago and they said as long as I don’t log on I can get comped for all my paid time before the expansion. So I will start again when the expansion comes out in January.

I forgot my initial reason for typing. I did hear that BC was going to have a lot of smaller raid instances as well.

The problem with the arena is that I already how it’ll end: badly. Its very easy to abuse the classes in group pvp or 1:1.

Well I can see how it can be abused it duels, but how in group pvp? keep in mind that the arenas have some restrictions (or rules if you want to say) that prevent some classes using some skills and such. Besides, it might be a good time to have some 5v5 with your friends.

Edit: alright, now I have some free time; So incase some of you don’t know the rules of the Areans, here is what I can remember. (Lanyx can prolly chime in sometime and correct me and such)

  1. All debuffs/buffs are wiped upon zonein of the arena (prevents outside buffing)
  2. No pots can be used in the arena (yes, that means <insert pot name here>)
  3. No ability that has a Cool Down over 20 min can be used in the arena (I"m almost positive it’s 20, but I maybe off a bit)

So with that in mind, what do you see wrong with it?

You’ll be far more competitive in the arena, they aren’t allowing cooldowns over 15 minutes, consumables, and they are nerfing down pretty much all crowd control. Along with that stamina is nuts in the x-pack they have 61 greens with 40 stamina. The arena is really meant to test your mettle and skill.

As for non-arena things to do, here is a list and brief description.

Level: They just raised the requirements from ~230K exp 60-61 and ~450K exp 69-70 to ~440K exp 60-61 and ~980K exp 69-70.

Old style PvP: This is now viable with the rewards being dirt cheap, ~15-30K honor and 30 marks from a BG per epic, it’s very easy to get an epic a day if you dedicate a day to it, and an epic a week casually.

5 man instances: Blizzard is definatly intending for people to gear up in all the instances, 61 blues are on the same level as BWL and it’s looking like you’ll need everything you can get in the “level up” instances.

Epic 5 man instances: Once you reach 70 all the 5 mans in outland can be set to hard mode and they get really nasty, but you will get epic rewards and possibly tier 4 pieces out of them.

Kharazan: 10 man raid on a 7 day cooldown, will contain most of the tier 4 gear.

World objective based PVP: All the outlands zones will have some form of world PvP objectives. Hellfire has towers that give an exp buff similar to EPL towers. Zangarmarsh has a steal the bacon type game I believe. Terokkar Forest has 5 towers that will give a 48 hour buff to wichever side captures all 5 first.

Faction Grinds: Everything that I’ve heard is that faction grinds are worth it big time now, and faction is easier to get. There is at least 1 new faction per zone.

Halaa: The captureable town, you can assult or defend it. Definatly good rewards there.

Thats really all I can think of at the moment, there is probably a few things that I missed too.

I wish they would provide variety for casual gamers. All those things still just seem to be doing the same thing over and over again. What I wish they would do is make it easier to reset your talents. If I could change my whole talent set whenever I wanted it would make raiding or grinding fun because I can change my character every time.

None of those “additions” sound too appealing to me though. Grinding for eq is not my idea of fun. PvP may be fun, but there are other games out there dedicated to pvp that are more fun than WoW so that alone isn’t a draw.

I guess I am just sounding like a sourpuss now so I’ll stop.

I’ve done enough PVP to know how utterly _destroyed_a group can be by a mix of shamans, mages, priests and warlocks. I’ve seen it happen and I’ve done it.

1 shaman once 2 shot my druid with trinketed chain lightning and frost shock, fire spec mages lit me up like a christmas tree in 2-3 shots, some warlocks have had dots that have killed some flag runners before they got to the other end of the map. Imagine what Zero and I had in mind for a party when we restarted

2 warlocks, 1 mage, 1 shadow priest and 1 elementalist shaman. The opening volley itself is 2 conflagrates, 2 shadowburns, 1 pom+arcane boost pyroblast with a chain lightning followed by a shock and a mindblast.Then comes 2 single fears, 2 charms, 1 group fear, more potential from blast waves and frost novas if needed and the fears are rapidly regenerated. I don’t know if howl of terror’ll work but if it does, that’s 2 more aoe fears. And on top of that, there is a possibility of more than 6 dots per person.

There are a few variations to what can happen than what I mentionned. The point is, WoW PVP can be insanely exploited and almost always, gear will play a massive factor in what happened. The only reason that my PVP group beat tier 2, 2.5 honor farmers when we had blues and greens and an epic or 2 (and by that I mean like a warden staff, or a lionheart helm), is because we avoided these kinds of direct confrontations because we lost them. As the flag runner, I had to devise sophisticated evasion tactics.

I’m pretty sure they’re changing the value of one full HK in the new PvP system. I’ve gotten over 100k honor in a day and to be able to buy 3 two hand weapons from one day of PvP sounds weird.

Yeah, after it’s split between everyone it’s like 10 Honor per kill though. I’m not sure about the new prices but I think someone more-or-less worked out that you could get a good epic weapon with a couple of nights hard PVP.

Apparently you get 200 honor for a WSG win now. That seems insane, good CP farmers win like 100 WSGs a day or more. Say you get 100 honor from kills in an average farming game, that would mean you’d get enough to buy two one hand weapons.

Hahaha oh man, I can only imagine how many premades will turn up for Warsong Gulch weekends now.