Wow, 4000 posts :o

Cool, I’m now a member of the illustrious 4000 post group! Go me.

I hate to do it, but I can only be so clever just once, so just ask me some kind of intelligent questions. Nothing retarded please.

Dear Sorcerer:

If you were a hot dog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

Is that thing in your profile true? Are you a book writer?

Shin: No.

Ren: No, I am writing a book, but it’s not called “The Burning of the Hat”. That was a shot at ClothHate during our fun little fight in the Favorite Album info line, and I just bumped it up.

Do you know what you’re going to do with your life?

Yeah, I do. I’m going to an instate college and studying Middle Education. I plan on being a Middle School teacher.

Seeing as how my sister is about to become a teacher, may I ask what trait you think a person must have to do such a job to the best of their ability so I can nag her about how she doesn’t have it?

What’s your favorate thing about this place?

Who would you say is your best friend here?

Why do you want to teach middle school? Did you ever consider any other level?

I have two questions:

  1. How retarded does a question have to be to merit not answering it, and,
  2. to follow up Shinryu’s question, we all know that the moon isn’t made of green cheese, but what if it were made of barbecue spare ribs? Would you eat it then? I know I would. Heck, I’d go back for seconds, and then polish it off with a tall cool Budweiser.

More seriously, though, my real question would be, in all of the time you’ve been here, do you feel you’ve changed or grown up very much? If so, how? Also, what impact has hanging out here for the last several years had on that change (or lack thereof)?

Do you plan to settle down with a woman eventually and have a family?

You messed up the question thread >:(

Is it just me, or do I have more of a life than you?

How did you come up with your name here?

Never knew you wanted to become a teacher, that’s cool. What kind of teacher do you think you’ll end up being like subject and what kind of persona you’ll have as one?

Favorite game characters?

Favorite color?.. yes running out of ideas

Favorite animal?

Do you have a southern accent?

What kind of book are you writing? What is it about?

Do you plan on answering any of the above questions?

Congratulations, Sorc.

Dammit Saturn stole my question (the serious one). So I’ll just make a stupid one: Who here annoys you the most? (Puerto Ricans don’t count. :hahaha; )

Great to hear you want to be a teacher. Good luck with that too!


In all your time here, how many times have you seen the same scenario of Random Newb bitches out so-and-so, and so-and-so gets his/her way only because so-and-so has been around longer. Regardless of the thread content?

Yes, that also piqued my interest.

Specific traits aren’t whats important, because if all teachers had the same neccessary traits I don’t think it’d be any good, and that the students would get bored. I think all teachers just need to have an enthusiasm about children/young adults and a desire to see them succed in life.

My favorite thing about RPGC is how the core, and I mean the real core of people, haven’t changed since I’ve been here. Some of us drift away, but for the most part myself, Sephiroth Katana, Sinistral, Merlin, Zero, Infonick, Cidolfas and Hades (maybe someone I left out) have been here since the place pretty much opened, and that kind of longevity is quite admirable. My favorite person here is probably Sinistral (good old Patrick!) or Genericangstyposter.

I want to teach middle school because I think middle school kids need the most help from teachers. At that point they need to be prepared for High School and need teachers willing to step in and lay down the basics. I think a lot of kids have had the same problem and not had teachers that really cared and were willing to put in the time to prepare them properly for High School, which of course prepares them for College and the real world. As a result we have a lot of lazy people running around, and thats not how it should be. I’m trying to go to where I think I’m the most needed, and I’ve talked to my middle school teachers, and they all agree that the system needs more caring and enthusiastic male teachers. Elementary school kids are too young for me, and High School is kind of too late, so I chose the middle ground.

Yes, I do, and the people that have been here consistently probably see it. I was such a kid when I got here at the ripe age of 12 that I really didn’t know anything. Through some of the rantings of the intellectuals such as Sephiroth Katana, Sinistral and Merlin I’ve learned a lot about the world and whats going on, how to argue in a civilized manner, and really how to control my anger. For a good little while there I was a pretty angsty teenager, and I vented all my frustrations on the RPGC EZboards. Through a couple bannings and a lot of talks with Merlin I grew past that rather quickly.

I do. Part of the whole teacher thing is my love for children. I want to have a family with a medium sized house and a backyard and all of that. Part of wanting to be a teacher is giving the students something I never had, and a big part of my wanting to be a father and a parent is to give my own children somethings my father never gave to me.

Maybe. I’m not really sure what constitutes someone having “more” of a life than someone else. I go out everyday with my friends, I go to work, I party or I sit down with my girlfriend and have a quiet evening with her. My days vary a good bit, and I really have no idea what you do all day on any day, so I can’t really answer that question.

I used to post on another board with Onion Kid, Sephiroth Katana, Geo and Dias. It was just some shitty little board on some other shitty little site, and I went by the name of Sephiroth because I was a stupid little 12 year old and I wasn’t very creative. They all kept talking about this place called RPGClassics and how they were posting there and not here anymore, and I asked about it and they gave me a link. Anyway, when I got here someone was like “Wow, what a great name! You’re so cool!” and I felt bad so I changed it to Sorcerer. There really isn’t any actual story behind it or anything, I just thought of it on a whim.

I want to be a middle school Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. I love stories, and anybody whose met me knows that I constantly tell stories. All history is is just stories, and Language Arts is the study of deciphering stories, so I figure what the hell.

I don’t really have any favorite game characters. The only character I’ve ever found that I identified with was General Leo, and how he stood by his ideals and what he believed in to the very end, so I guess that’s who I’ll call my favorite character.

My favorite collor is green. My favorite animal is the Lemur, who lives primarily in Madagascar, and no, I don’t have any sort of a southern accent. My mother doesn’t either and she’s from Alabama, and my father was from Iowa, so I pretty much grew up in a non-southern accented home. It’s kind of like that with all my friends, I can really only think of one or two of them that have some sort of southern accent, and they’re both girls. Not all southerns talk like rednecks ;p

I’m writing a fictional account of my life in high school. Something I’ve rarely ranted about on this board is the life I lead with my friends. The one thing a lot of people know about me here is that I used to do a lot of drugs, and I probably hang out with the biggest drug addicts and drama queens anybody will ever meet. My life with my friends has been a trip from day one, and a lot has happened. It’s hard for me to compare my friendships within my group of friends to other people because we all feel like what we do with each other is completley normal, but when we talk to people outside the group about it we find that it’s actually completely the opposite. It’s hard to explain to someone who wasn’t there, but to put it plainly I’ve dealt with about 100 times more drama in my life than most other people do in their entire lifetime, and my book chronicles the events from my freshman year to me going to college. I can honestly talk about this book forever, because I feel like that when it’s done and released it’ll end up being a very significant literary achievement, not just a book.

The book is my high school life from my perspective. It starts Freshman year when I met the people I hang out with today and how we all spiraled into drug abuse, how I got out and how they didn’t, the cause and effect some of their parents had on their drug abuse, how over the years we as a group have come together and split up again into different little groups feuding and then come back together again when our friend (my friend of 14 years) died in a car accident in August of last year, only to not let that keep us together and we all start fighting again. My life with my friends is one big battle, and being a relativly neutral kind of guy I can go back and forth between the groups and get the whole story. The book has several distinct themes - one, that not all is as it seems, which is specficially represented through my high school and a character. My high school, locally, is reputable amongst the community. It was once a successful private school and has since then degenerated into a den of drug and alcohol abuse so severe that kids are smoking crack in the bathrooms and coming to school so wasted that they fall down the stairs. The school literally ignores these events and refuses to take action against the children of the communities wealthiest. As a result the community is unaware of the problems in the school, and continue to believe it is still a beacon of higher learning that it once was as a private school. This theme is further represented through a character whose real name was Kerry. Kerry is a girl I met through my friend Dante, who died in the car accident. Kerry was so starved for love and attention that she pretened to have a malignant tumor on her kidney, pretneded to do chemotherapy when she was actually smoking and snorting meth. The effects were so similar that we never noticed until her mom told us she was going to rehab for her meth addiction, and we asked how she could send her terminal daughter to rehab - and thats when we got the funny looks. Another theme prevalent throughout the book is kind of what COULD happen. This is portrayed through my friend Dante who died in the car accident, who just got really coked up and drunk and was trying to meet us at a party, and is also portrayed through the relationship between my friend Steve and Jen, who had a child together (Steve, today, is 22 and Jen is 18. She gave birth almost 2 years ago), and is further demonstrated through the rampant drug addictions of my friends like Jon, who was so addicted to crack-cocaine and exstacy that he could hardly string words together, and would pass out in the hallway at school (and subsequently fall down the stairs).

Like I said, I could talk about the book forever.

edit: since more than one person asked about it, I’ve gone into greater detail concerning the book.

Yes, I do. And here I am doing it.

A lot of people have come and gone that could take that title, but I guess most recently is NightmareGun. His absolute lack of intelligence and overwhelming ignorance and arrogance has me just reeling to deliver one of my well known flames.

And I’ve always enjoyed the fact that you know you annoy me, and I find it funny in an old friends kind of way.

I think you mis-worded your question. How many times has a random passerby gotten in an argument with an RPGC veteran and action has been taken against the newbie as opposed to the veteran? Not too often. As it is, I think that the mods are less willing to take action against someone who has a significant presence on these boards and are more likely to take action against someone who has never been here before. Honestly, that’s pretty much the way it’ll be in the world, and I don’t really see anything wrong with it either. There’s been a lot of times that I’ve yelled at someone in a real harsh way (coughOrakiocough) and not gotten in trouble for it because that person is less liked than me, or just because that I’m right and they aren’t. The truth hurts, and if you can’t take it then you should probably re-evaluate something.