WoW 1.7: Hunter fixing?

If you’ve seen the new Hunter talent tree then you know of some of the upcoming changes announced. That and pet abilities, combined with a ‘look’ at the deadzone issues makes 1.7 a high change for us.

But what do you guys think? Overbuff? Much needed fix, or nerf?

As a hunter, I like the new survival tree which makes me wince in a way: No longer can I go marks with ‘something else’, it’s an actual choice now: Do I go PVP with Surv/Marks, or PVE with Marks/Surv? I’m not a Beast Mastery styled hunter so I ignore BM except for Aspect of the Hawk, but even for those who like BM it’s getting a fair upgrade.

Try to put some argument behind your opinions if you choose to reply, too.

I don’t really know what to say… All I know is that priests need some serious buffing sometime soon. My first priest was on a PVP server and I kept getting eaten up by warriors and hunters of the opposition… I cwyed all night on my mommie’s shoulder.

IMO, classes that need serious nerfing are shamans and hunters. So far it seems like any good hunter can take out most opposition his level, lower, and even a bit higher, and shamans are a no-brainer. I also don’t like the fact that druids can get out of most polymorph and immobilizing effects by using an animal form transformation, particularly since one of my characters is a mage.

My priest is a killing machine. And my priest and my warrior take out hunters like its no one’s business.

PVE, hunters can deal because hunters can adapt to situations easily and we have one of the best controls over the pulls, with excellent range and a pet that can tank. However…that’s it. Instance wise, only a GOOD hunter can manage as otherwise nobody wants you. As for taking out opposition, that holds true for any class that gets the surprise attack and hunters are simply GOOD at getting it due to tracking.

But talentwise…did you ever see the old trees?

Hunters really needed the help. I haven’t played one past level 25 or so, but looking at the talent tree none of the talents really intrested me and I would just put all my points in to marksman since it seemed to help the most. The new tree looks pretty neat.

As for shaman needing a nerf, I think they are fine as is. They have never given my druid a problem at all, trick is destroy the totems and stop them from moving and they become pretty helpless. They waste so much mana on totems it’s not even funny and most waste even more mana frost shocking me when I root them.

As for druids breaking poly (and every other snare in the game) it’s just fun to be able to run from the gankers that think that attacking a druid 10 levels lower will be an easy HK. There needs to be something in the game to balance poly, it’s just too powerful in PVP otherwise. Why are you even polying druids if you know it won’t work? Mages should run from druids if they have a chance, I’ve never seen a mage do enough damage to me in the time it takes me to fully heal it. Even with a PoM Pyroblast I don’t take enough damage that I can’t be fully healed in a second. I am far more mana efficent than a mage could ever be and Innervate kicks serious ass if I run low fighting a mage. Mages dominate at least 80% of PVP as it is since you have AoE to kill a lot of people in BGs and such, so don’t let 1 anti-mage class bother you all that much.

I still get beaten by mages every now and then because of well timed CounterSpells :frowning:

Hunters didn’t really need any overall buffing. The thing was, you were either marks/beast or marks/survival. They could do fine with marks, but if you went deep into either of the trees, you’d see yourself getting more and more useless in PvP and PvE. They needed to make each spec a worthy choice.

Hunters are excellent damage dealers in Molten Core. On bosses they will usually come out on/near the top on damage with the mages. Rogues dominate the trash mobs, but against bosses when they need to bandage/get out of AoEs they fall behind.

I don’t see why 3/4 of the alliance cry out “nerf shaman.” They’re balanced.

Priests are among the most powerful in any 1v1 PvP. In group PvP they are invaluable because of their fears (moreso for the horde) and flash heals.