Would you buy?

Well I was up at a flea market today and I was just browsing around looking for some stuff for school. When all of a sudden I turned around a corner to see this massive game stand. It had everything, tones and tones of games from SNES to XBox 360. Game prices were ranged between 10-20 (For the crappy games) N64 games were still at its original prices! like who wants to buy mario kart for 65$!! and Tony Hawks pro skater 2 for 55.99 plus tax like what the hell. Well anyways here is the point. To full fill my collection of Final Fantasy Games I need FFVII, well I asked the guy If he had the game, he told me yes. He picked it off the shelf and put the game on the counter showing the back. I asked the price he flipped it over and I quickly saw the number 12. I thought 12 bucks you got a deal then I saw a 0 at the end of the 2. THE GAME WAS FUCKING 120 big ones!!! I was like WTF! Who the hell in their right mind would want to spend that kind of money on the game? Then the guy had the nerves to say I wil cut you a deal for 115$. I was like no thats a rip, and the guy said well its the original game and it is very hard to get and it’s the last original Brand new copy!! also it was out of the package. He than said the price is good cause other people are selling it for 300+ I was like see you later. I told my mother(yes I am cool like that) to see if he can lower the price(because she is good at negotiating) she went back and the guy was gone. But there was a kid who was like he went for a brake, what game would you like? after a bit of talking the kid said well if you think its too expensive I can give you a burnt copy of the game for half the price.(now i am assuming most games are pirated their) Well I went on ebay and the game is being sold more than 20 times and the price is under 40 bucks, I am going to buy one, not less anyone wants to sell me one any cheaper.

But would you buy that game for 120$ If you needed FFVII?

Thats sad that some people are just that stupid. Also no.

Wow, that was painful to read.

And for the record, no. I won;t pay $100 for ANY game, not even Suikoden 2!


I got mine for $16 >.>

No. If it is above 60, I am being ripped off, and therefore, in the spirit of the golden rule, it is now free. It’s called poetic justice, and is a beautiful, is quasi-legal, thing.

Final Fantasy VII should not be sold for that price. You can find it in EB for cheap because it’s a greatest hits. It’s not always there but I’ve seen it quite a few times in the last little while.

I apid 9.99 for my greatest hits, if that. Mighta been 8.99

I saw Earthbound for $130 awhile back.

Typically I don’t buy a game unless it costs less than $25, and for FFVIII… no. Just no.

120$ for FFVII? Wait, did he want to give you that sum?

OK, FFVII may be fun, but not 120$ fun. Hah, 60$ for a burnt copy. Say sweetly to him “Guess what, fucker. With 60 I get two internet connections and procure the game on my own”.

PS It seems more logical to me to get Mario Kart for 65$ than ffvii for 120$.

I wouldn’t buy it simply because I already have it. Got it for free from a neighbor nearly a decade ago. But if it were the last game in my collection… still not unless I was insanely rich (or just insane). I’d say $75 tops in that situation.

$120 for FFVII?
(insert a string of obscenities here)
Why? GH release was $20. No way would I pay $100 for a different cover.
I paid $30 for an EB cart. Can’t imagine somebody paid over $200 for a complete used game (it included an air freshener, which was apparently a valuable prize from Nintendo if you guessed a scratch-and-sniff sticker correctly. But, c’mon, that thing’s a scented piece of cardboard. Or probably was scented, now it’s mostly likely just a piece of cardboard.)

Were I insanely rich, my butler would answer your posts.

Well that’s interesting…I don’t know much on game prices but it sounds like a load of crap hehe. Though I don’t know. Last christmas I was looking at games in the mall, and I found a copy of Gitaroo Man. I had been looking for that forever, basically it was 50 bucks.

Generally 200+ on eBay in its box with the guide and scratch and sniffs.

I sold my copy, with all that, for $10. I thought I overcharged the guy.

No. If it is above 60, I am being ripped off, and therefore, in the spirit of the golden rule, it is now free. It’s called poetic justice, and is a beautiful, is quasi-legal, thing.

Well said. Same here, although the only real difference is that, should I lose it, I’d pay no more than 20. Played through it enough times years ago not to care too terribly much should I have to go without it.

Now Xenogears, FFT and FFIX… those games I’d pay upwards of 60 for.

120 bucks for FF VII? No way I’d spend my money on that! I didn’t even like FF VII that much when it first came out. Okay, it had its moments, but I wouldn’t blow that much cash on a single game. Besides, you can buy new, unopened copies of PS1 games off of Amazon.com for way cheaper than that. You could probably get FF VII for anywhere around 10 to 20 dollars if it’s not any more valuable than the other games I’ve purchased off of there.

But 120 bucks!? The only condition I’d ever play FF VII again nowadays is if someone handed me a copy of said game for free. And I would never spend more than 70 dollars on a single game, period.