Would this be a waste of time...

I’m kind of thinking about making a new shrine.

Can you?

yes it would be a waste of time <]:{D

I still wanna make one for Legend of Mana if I ever have the time. I actually had a lot of work put in on it a couple years ago, then got sick and never really picked it back up. I may be behind schedule, but it seems like a nice thing to do, anyhow.

All effort is a waste of time.

Only death is certain.

Hope this helps!


All effort is a waste of time.

Only death is certain.

I’d say that makes ANY endeavor worth it… give life a meaning of your own choice.

Not really. It sounds kind of fun, actually. I’d give it a try if I had some free time.

I too might be interested in doing a shrine now that I have a computer I can use to work with and knowledge on how HTML works. Unfortunately, I have no clue as to which game would be good to shrine that wouldn’t also drain me of my will to live.

I say it’s worth it! As I’ve mentioned before, shrines are what make the RPGC so unique and it’s why people have become so attached to this place…through their love for games!

Definitely not a waste of time! :slight_smile:

Just do it. (This post brought to you by Nike.)

I really care abouth the opinions of people that were not around when shrines were actually being made. Notice the new sig.

I like the difference in height between it and the other sig.

I like how I am still relevant according to that sig, even after being silent for like three years :v

Do the shrine for the SNES Lord of the Rings game. I don’t think anybody ever actually bothered to play that for more than 5 minutes, so it’s completely useless to bother~

It’s RPGCLASSICS, not RPGOBSCURE, I was thinking something a little more relevant like from a current system. I recently bought a ps3 cuz they have a surprising amount of RPGs that have a 8.0 and up. Eternal Sonata, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3 (debateable), etc.

How about this? You boys and gurs that are not Chalie name a game and me and Charle race to finish the shrine first.

Also, my post count is well over 1,000.

GSG, You’ve had this coming for a long time. I will accept your challenge and you will lose. I can’t wait to shove your face into my shit when I win.

Oh, man, I wanna see how this turns out.

I’d suggest any one of these that the two of you can agree on:
Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen
Diablo II
Baldur’s Gate 2

I would like to mention that it has to be PS accessible. Which means anything the PSP can emulate plus all the PS consolesl shit.



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