Would anyone be interested in trying out my beta rpg game?


Legend of the Gladius Blades.
The first hour is a mini adventure that I learned from a tutorial. Then I added the second part.
There are a few bugs in this, I will admit, as I am new to RPGmaker VX. But so far I’ve been told its fun.

Could you tell us a little more about it? Does it have a story? Is it Fantasy or Sci Fi? Pure dungeon crawling or does it have minigames? Etc.

It is pure fantasy, ala an 8 bit rpg game. There are a few mini games, although the main one doesn’t quiet get finished by the time the demo ends, as you have to look for a character’s mother.
There is another where you have to find another character’s cat, but that is only at the beginning of the mini game before the demo ends.
You are basically travellers searching for adventure, and learn of a magical sword that could defeat an evil ogre. Once the ogre is beat you can END the game prematurely as this is where the tutorial finished, or continue on and learn that there are three other swords, in three other areas you must collect to duel the ultimate evil.

I despise the term “RPG game.” now if you’ll excuse me I will pull money from the ATM machine.

lol anyone tried it yet?


I forgot to ask: what are the system requirements? And do you need to have any specific program for it?