Worth it?

I’m just getting into all the anime stuff, and I’m wondering, since I won’t risk money, is Akira and Ghost in the Shell worth seeing/reading?

Can anyone else recommend any good anime/manga stuff? Stuff I can preferably buy with sterling? (damn you Amazon.com!)

Actually I’m downloading them from KaZaA, but I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be so obvious about it…

I’ve never seen Ghost in the Shell, all the way though. So I can’t really comment on that, but I can tell you that Akira is really impressive, and totally awesome.

As for other animes, I would have to suggest, things like ‘Patlabor’, ‘Yotoden’ & ‘Spriggan’. Those three are pretty cool, in my opinion.

Amazon UK
Archonia: Belgium.

I haven’t seen or heard anything about Akira, I’ve heard plenty of good stuff about Ghost in a Shell, though.

My reccomendations. Warning: They’re weird and rather deep. And most doesn’t make any sense untill you’ve seen all of it and at least twice.
[/li][li]BoogiePop Phantom
[/li][li]Serial Experiments Lain.

Thx guys. I might as well, now that I’m halfway through DL’ing it…

Everything mentioned here (Especially Ghost in the Shell): WATCH IT!

You know, one of these days I really should save a copy of my usual long description of about a dozen anime series, I’m getting tired of writting out almost the game list again. I’ve done it 4 time already and I’m not going to do it again, if you want some advice drop by #rpgc sometime and send me a message, its very hard to suggest something when I don’t know what kind of genre you like. Anime isn’t really a genre in and of itself, but more of an art style, you can find almost anything you’d find on TV or in movies, science fiction, action, drama, adventure, etc.

Thc, I wil. I just started watching AKira. 0_0 wow…

I find the AKira game on PS2. Is it worth buying?

NOT Akira Physchoball. That pinball game is supposed to suck big time.

Akira and Ghost in The Shell are the first anime I ever got. Akira will always have a place in my heart, I popped my anime cherry with that film. If you like series I recommened Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It’s weird (like FF i suppose) but cool.
Kuroki Kaze rocks.

I really didn’t understand Akira the first time I saw it…

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
If you like series I recommened Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It’s weird (like FF i suppose) but cool.
Kuroki Kaze rocks.

yeah. I’ve been getting (guess how the episodes. Weird is right. They also fall into the old FF habits of the summon creatures taking Too Damn Long. Stupid Demon Gun…

Pick up the manga for Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind; I don’t know if there’s an animated version, but the manga I have are incredible.

Also in the manga department, I like

<li>Steam Detectives
<li>Sorcerer Hunters
<li>No Need for Tenchi!
<li>Chobits! KAWAIIIIIIII!!!1`1``!!!

The reasons why I like Sorcerer Hunters should be obvious, and unfortunately I can’t seem to find the third book of Riot. But I’ve got all five of Strain, and I really loved that one. The artwork is practically photographic (same artist as Crying Freeman), and the writing is incredible as well (same writer as Fist of the North Star; Buronson). And yes, Chobits has me hooked as well.

As anime goes, I’ll watch more or less anything; caught the end of Boogiepop Phantom Ep. 4 at AX when I went down to watch RahXephon (ended up buying the first 4 DVD’s). And all I can say about BPP is “whoa.”

I also caught the first four episodes of Witch Hunter Robin, which gave me the impression that the producers had played Silent Hill 2 a little too much. I still liked it though, although not as much as some of the others.

I’ll check them out. My copy of Akira just arrived yesterday (yes, I went and bought it). 0_0 Whoa…