Worst Spam Ever?

From: “Frankie Tabor” <z-boy@aol.com> |To: megaman984@rpgclassics.com, megamanx2k@rpgclassics.com, amind@rpgclassics.com, kerohazel@rpgclassics.com, darkninja@rpgclassics.com
Subject: Megaman984,save money on your prescriptions …devil

The subject says it all. I HATE spam addressing me as 984, but…devil? Are they equating 984 with evil? On second thought, maybe I will buy some.

Wait until you get my penis enlargement e-mail.

I never have to deal with them, because my account, sends it all straight to the junk pile.

They seem to have thought that Dragon Ninja was Megaman984 too. Someone is in a dire need of an eye transplant.

I’m glad my mailserver has spamfilters.

Now what RPGC’s mailserv needs is a virus filter.

Originally posted by StarStorm
Now what RPGC’s mailserv needs is a virus filter.

Black Ninja is working on installing both spamfilters and virusfilters, or so I have heard.

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I’m glad my mailserver has spamfilters. [/b]

Amen to that.

Not quite as bad as the ‘Sick child dying, send money’ spam, but probably just as annpying. Getting the names wrong makes it worse.

I showed it to X earlier, but people are selling fake S.W.A.T equipment via spam E-mails. I got one just yesterday.

My latest:

From:kuljinder matsi
Subject: SSTimee for Fatten up youur thing immeddiatel…

Yeah… O_o

Hah, I just got a funny one:

From: Jerry Watson
Subject: Lose those man titties!!!

I’d say this is on par with Nessa’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just another benefit of quitting. Not getting 984’s junk mail.