Worst game openings

What are some of the worst uninspiring openings that you can think of?

Any opening with annoying j-pop music. If the opening involves that I usually intend to play the game halfway through and then never play it again.

Anything that can’t be skipped.

EA is annoying in that all of its games have long title screens with the company names and stuff that can’t skipped. Black and White 2 is also bad. Hell, Black and White is bad since you have to do its tutorial thing every fucking time and it takes a long time. It is cool at first, but sucks after repeated plays.

EVE Online. Horribly complex character creation followed by a several-hours long boring-as-hell tutorial, which can be skipped, but the game is so complex that you NEED to run it at least once, and skipping it means missing out on hot hot hot items at the end of it.

Does Valkyrie Profile count? I admit, some of these sound far worse than VP’s, but dear God, I hate playing though that stupid opening/prologue with the Princess and the Mercenary.

I never really understood what was going on in EVE. :frowning: I just ran around mining asteroids and what I think was vendoring the ore

VP’s was awful, I admit.
If we’re talking long title screens, I think Kingdom Hearts and its sequel are pretty bad offenders. It’s like a whole minute from the time it turns on till you actually get to move around.

So VP does change and get better? I put it down after and I finished the part with the one warrior and the princess since I was bored out of my mind.

The story is never what you’d call unbelievable, seeing as it’s more of a bunch of vignettes rather than one overarching plot. Still, some of them are intriguing, even if they do drag a little. In any case, it’s the gameplay that makes VP shine, not the story.

What Cid Says. VP is still one of my… well, top ten games, I guess. THe opening sucks, but after that, it picks up a lot more.

O yeah the opening of VP sucks because the first story drags on to long,it is still a very good game so keep playing it Info.

One of the openings I hate the most is Magna Carta’s I mean they translated in english the opening song and it sounds both horrible and cheesy beyond beliefl,thank god its skipable.

Wild ARMs 4.

Star Ocean: TSS. It just goes on and on and on… seems to be a common trend.

So wait a minute, is this thread about opening acts before the action starts or about flashy FMV openings before the title? If its the former than I would have to go with DQ VII’s intro as the hands down winner. (Lets face it, spending several hours combing an entire island and clearing a full dungeon of all of its puzzles without a single fight leaves you feeling that you just completly blew $50+ bucks. It does pick up consideribly afterwards if you can make it that far.) If its the later then I’ll reinterate my previous reply of sitting though any number unskipable cutsceens just to get to the opening as being the worst.

Oh Jesus Christ, you just HAD to remind me of that game.

Yeah, DW7 does start off pretty bad. I completely forgot about that one.

Well its not an intro persay. But I just got the Metal Slug Anthology for my Wii. It takes like 2 minutes just to get to the screen where you can choose your game.

Breath of fire II, ive repeated game at least 5 x, more like 8 tho (due to battery running out, playing on the emu) and the start before the action start gets real tedious. The Breath of Fire I start is much better … repeated it less tho, about 3 times i think.

Quest 64.