Worst English Character Voice?

The opposite of that other thread, I don’t think I need to explain.

IMO, I say Kendra Masonchuk’s Cherry. Honestly, she did the WORST EVER VA job I have EVER seen. And, to do it to such a beautiful, amazing character as Cherry… it’s just… awful. It’s a disgrace to her name.

(Despite the fact that Kendra Masonchuk is, in fact, a friend of mine =P)

Serena (however you spell it) from Sailor Moon.

Tidus from FFX, he had a whiney voice and soundled slightly gay.

Farleen in SO3. AAAAAH!
“May the grace of Apris be with you!”

Anyone from Last Alert for the Sega CD

Why do people hate on Tidus? Just because he had a more upbeat voice, he sounds “gay” and “horrible”? His voice is one of the most enthusiastic, energetic voices in rpg’s, and I liked his transition from adolescent voice to adult voice.

Claude Kenni in SO2. Even the voice over was done in Engrish.

The worst one I can think of would be this strange little goblin from this shooter game for the Dreamcast. I think it was one of the House of the Dead games…not sure.

Well, that’s somewhere around 80 points!


There’s one voice clip where he actually refers to himself as “Craude”.,

Okay, okay, I’ve heard some interesting stuff here, but nothing compares to the crappiness of this when compared to this. (Warning, these are a bit big. 25 seconds each, and a little over a meg)

And why is it that I’m the only one with voice clips to back up my claims?

Because most of us posted examples from video games, not anime.

And Dalton provided actual voice clips also. The site Dalton linked to also features some of the other games/voiceovers mentioned in this thread

-.- That was a rhetorical question. And, no comment on the examples I provided? It’s quite clear which one is better. Remember that Cherry is sweet and kind, and… goes on to sing her praises for 30 pages

Megaman X4: Iris.

'nuff said.

Tidus, hands down. The voice acting is fine, but the voice itself is, well, whiny.

I thought Tidus was actually really realistic. Maybe you don’t like the character, but the voice fit the character pretty much perfectly.

My vote for worst is definitely Precis from SO2. GAK.

And why is it that I’m the only one with voice clips to back up my claims?

Because most of us don’t have the facilities or interest to fire up our favorite video game, manage to get a specific voice clip, hold a tape recorder up to it, then record it back to our computer and post it on the Internet so about five people would actually click on it. We have better things to do. 8p

he was supposed to sound whiny that was his character.He did not sound whiney most of the time ,though.The gay comment is uncalled for though.

Worst voiceovers: All the characters from the first Resident Evil for the PSX/Saturn. Would’ve been nice if they’d hired some actors for those roles. :-/

Special mention goes to Ocelot from MGS3. Under no circumstances should an American accent ever come out of his mouth.


I can’t believe that she and Celine have the same voice actress.

Star Ocean 2 is my favoritest game ever, but the voice acting for most of the characters is trying at best. I think the only characters I could consistently stand to listen to were Chisato, Celine, and Ashton.