worst animes

Pokemon, Yugi-O and all of that Cartoon Network stuff (origanl to the channel or not except for Lupin III)

Are you including adult swin in the “cartoon network stuff”? I believe that they had/have good animes on adult swim.

Fuck you, I like some of the cartoon network stuff, Adult Swin or not, you over-generalizing ani-bigot.

Cartoon Network is da bomb.

I miss Dragon Ball Z

I don’t, Dragonball Z wasn’t very attracting after watching a saga.

No. I don’t miss it either. Other than that sexy Piccolo. Mmm. Pico-blow-me please. Rawr. That sexy green devil.

For the record I do think that Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh are a couple of the worst anime’s. It’s just me though, they have been twisted to much for my likes.

For me, my most hated anime is hands down Inuyasha. I cannot properly form the words in which to describe how much I hate Inuyasha. But regardless, I think we can all agree, that unless you actually have interest in playing the game, Card game based shows are not very good. Oh, And there was on WB, called Beyblade? The one where people would battle tops? I nearly died of laughter durinf one episode from sheer hilarity of the concept.

I’ll agree on pokemon, and I think Yu-Gi-Oh could have been good, if, they, you know, had added a PLOT, or some CHARACTER DEVELOPEMENT. Instead of twenty-five minuts of boasting every episode.

Sister Princess. It’s a creepy show about an underage kid living on an island with 12 even more underage sisters while they all shyly go about trying to jump him. Without even the least bit of comedy Love Hina and other such shows present.

I liked Pokemon because I liked the games. Can’t see myself having payed attention to it otherwise. Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Beyblade, and all those are all cut from same same cloth in that their main focus is always a gimmick. Digimon certainly, and Monster Rancher perhaps, escape condemnation for this because they each actually had plots that didn’t consist of people staring at each other and claiming that they have 'leeter skills than their opponent.

Ok, I simply have to point out that a vast majority of Yu-Gi-Oh! faults, with the insufferable boasting as the number one on the list, were made up by 4kids during the <strike>gangbang</strike> dubbing. The original is still nothing to write home about, but it’s an acceptable show.

That said: Beyblade. It’s a show about tops. And magical beasts. Where the heck those two topics converge is beyond my understanding. Also, my biggest complaint was that there were secret organisations or shit like that trying to harness the power of the… shiny critters simply to be the best at the top game. Even Pokémon’s Team Rocket wanted to steal the critters to have a strong army and rule the world, these guys go to ridiculous lengths just to win the stupid game.

I really don’t like Gundam Wing, the last stretch of SEED Destiny, and pretty much every generic harem show such as Love Hina, Negima, Shuffle (well, it had psycho Kaede but the rest was awful), etc.

This Ugly And Beautiful World. It’s basically an excuse for seeing well-endowed anime girls in various stages of undress, but wrapped around a pretentious excuse for a story which contains some of the most mind-numbingly dull dialogue I’ve ever seen. Throw in an ill-explained, ill-used transformation sequence and you’ve got something really “ugly”.

I’ll throw my vote for worst anime to beyblade :).

Not only well-endowed anime girls. Don’t forget Gainax’s penchant for throwing in young, rather unendowed girls too. How that wonderful studio has fallen…They must use a few different directors, because there’s a world of difference between trips like Eva and FLCL (edit: I’ve sinned in not including His and Her Circumstances with these other two!) and the studio’s more exploitative junk.

FLCL needs more episodes, they didn’t go to far with it.

oh I forgot to add Dragonball Z and Dragon Ball GT, but I did like the early episodes of the origanel

Dragonball Gt was a really big excuse to ruin the show I say!

They made that anime as long as they could, I think. there’s only so much they had to do with it.

As worst: Naruto, Inu Yasha (hurr teen girl version of dbz much).
I think pokemon and the like don’t really belong on a “worst anime” list seeing as they’re not aimed at people older than most likely 11 at the highest, maybe 12 or 13. I may not like it, but for kids it’s a damn good show.

I don’t really think NGE was that great. Irritating main characters and pretentious religious imagery don’t really do it for me.

My vote for worst goes to .Hack/sign. I stopped watching about halfway through because NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. And for a story set in a video game, that monster guardian thing was the stupidest creature I’ve seen. Couldn’t they have made it look like something besides a floating barbell?