Worrying abot Carpal Tunnel...

For some time, my wrists have been clicking when I move them.

And now, after a long bit of shriningm, yesterday (about nine hours or so) my right wrist hurts and my hand feels weak. I’m thinking it might need some rest, but I’m wondering if I should go see a doctor.

With CTS, what shuold I look for?

Well, I don’t know much about CTS, but despite looooooooooooong periods of time in front of the PC for like, 7 years (and some of those sessions have been FPS intense, ie LOTS AND LOTS of clicking with the mouse =P) and never even remotely come CLOSE to get it…

My best advices are that you get up and flex your muscles often, and have the arm right next to your body with a support for the elbow, preferrably with your arm in a 90 degree angle from the body. Also, sit straight, not sunk down in that comfy chair. Work with your entire lower arm, not just the wrists.

Oh, and switch to Linux and Ion so you can use the keyboard as much as possible :hahaha;

Smacks Wert Smartass.

Anyway, I went through a site Vorpy gave me. It doesn’t look like I’m getting it, but my wrist will be sore for a while…

Invest in Icy-Hot or the like, and start “stretching” yout wrist by squeezing the sides joint area with your left hand… Index finger and thumb, mostly, to get between the hand and wrist… I’ve had similar happen to me before… It’ll be sore for a week, possibly… Can’t remember exactly how long it lasted however…

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome happens to people that do the same thing over and over for extended periods of time with their hands, like secretaries typing. Gradually, this’ll wear on the tissues inside the wrist and they’ll get inflammed pinching the nerve that goes through this tunnel like structure to get into your hands.

Whether or not you have that, I don’t know.

I think I have something of the same. My wrist being tired, and fingers and so on making creeking sounds from time to time.

My best reccomendation is that you move the mouse of the left side of your keyboard, and give your right hand some rest. You can also try and replace the mouse with something a bit more ergonomic, like a rodent or joystic mouse.

I think I’ve had Carpal Tunnel since I was ten. Over time, my body accustomed itself to the new state of being, and now my basic physiology has shifted to accomadate a constant state of being on the computer. I have evolved into a higher lifeform where CTS is not an abnormality, but the required state of being.

Since CTS is caused by repetitive hand motions, maybe it would help to try varying the way you use your hands. Like do some more stuff with the mouse, play games that require you to use different keys than what you use to type. Or you could even take up playing a musical instrument. I think my 14 years of piano playing have helped me to excercise my hands and fingers, so it might work for you too.

Wrists hurt time to time, fingers sometimes. They dont creak, though, and I always rest my arms limp to my side when I’m idle. It’s help, somehow.

From what I learned in my keyboarding class, you need to take break and stretch a little so you don’t get too stiff.


Tai Chi is REALLY good for relaxing and getting exercise at the same time if done properly, so I also recommend that. ^^