World's Smallest MP3 Player

Am I the only one who thinks these things are getting a mite out of hand?

Nope. Me too.

You know this thing has been out for months right? Its even availible at WalMart, of all places.

My friend has it. It’s sort of cool.

That’s awesome; I want one.

I want an MP3 player so small that I can accidentally swallow it.

Evil Dave: I was actually wondering when they’d make one so small it’d be a choking hazard for small children.

I can already see MP3 players that are practically jewelry, like earrings, it has to be on its way. And if you think that the trend of mp3 players is getting bad, I just read an article saying the player market would peak in 09. In other words, there’s plenty more that’s going to come out. On the upside, the flooded market will lower the prices of the players, meaning cheaper products for everyone.

And if you’re wondering about where its going next just look at Apple. They had an ipod. Then a color ipod with pictures. Now there’s the ipod that will play movies and there’s the nano that’s just really a small flash mp3 player. There’s been discussion of ipod cell phones. I think this is just a build up to an ipod cell phone movie player with camera properties.

it looks like a candy with buttons.

It is getting rediculous, Sin.

You mentioned the Nano. I don’t get that at all. You walk into the Apple store: “Hi. I’m looking for an iPod. But I don’t want the regular one. Do you have one that is easier to lose, and holds less music? Thats the one I want.”

I saw a commercial the other day for a cell phone that does play MP3s. The first thing that ran through my mind was, Damn, I bet that battery dies in like an hour.

MP3 jewelry? Coming soon! You know 50 Cent’s clothing line, G-Unit? Well they’re putting out a line of watches with MP3 players built in. You just plug your headphones into the watch.

It 404’ed when I tried to view the larger picture.

Meh, it looks much too much like candy. And really, what is wrong with mp3 players that are large enough to find if you lose them?

I actually like that watch idea. I had never heard of it before. As for the nano, the advantage is that it doesn’t have an HD. If you’ve had an iPod, you eventually learn why HD isn’t necessarily the way to go. At first I thought the same thing as you did about the nano, but I’ve reconsidered.

So why is not having a HD a good thing?

I knew someone with one of the watches. He was sad he could only listen to an hour of Ted Nugent.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all afford modern electronic devices? Unfortunately, some of us can’t. I believe they create these things to spite the people who can’t afford them.

I like the portability of iPods and other MP3 players but I don’t like the restrictions they put on it. For example, iPods can only be registered to one comp. While I understand the reasoning behind it, I just don’t like it. I want to fully share my music with people if I so wanted and to be able to partake in other people’s music. Same goes for MD’s, with which I’ve learned my lesson. If I’m going to buy something that plays MP3’s I’ll by a CD player that plays MP3’s.

HD takes up more battery time, as the disc must be spun. However, HDs are farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr less expensive than Flash memory, hence why apple can sell 80gb ipods at 300USD, whereas such flash based items as a Sony 2GB Memory Stick costs 250USD.

ahem…you do not NEED to listen to music-if you want to just save it on your computer, so you wont lose it, wont ever, have to pay for another one (except if you are on a bad computer) if you want to listen to music as a liesure activity- radio or cd player…duh!..god this is such a stupid idea. What person cool enough could have started this whole "lets have really tiny, inconvienient devices that retrict the limits of modern technolegy: as to only concentrate on making things small, not making things better."Just use your head. And dont give me that whole nano cells can one day cure diseases, this is highly beyond our technelogical aptitude by beyond hundreds of years.

…i am so angry at media influenced people right noe and thier lack of ability to be thier own much so I forgot what I was about to say next…TW I am not goth i am me, goth is a GROUP- I am of no group besides my can be with other people who are in a group but that does not make you one.(love yours truely- angry 13 year old kid withgreat wisdom and the intellectual capacity to comprehend theoretical and media debate.

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My rich fuck friend Andy has one of these, and an iPod. Neither of them really seems cool enough to brutally kill him for, though, and something this small is just basically saying ‘Please lose me so you can pay too much for me again.’

People complain about the batteries dying. Its not the batteries that have problems really, its the HDs that die. It essentially means the irrepairable death of your iPod. And it happens pretty frequently and easily and it manifests itself in a variety of frustrating ways.