World's hardest board game just got harder

As a certified scrabble nut, let me just say… Yikes. Let’s all have a massive board to drown in! :-/

On the plus side, good opportunity to set some new personal records :wink:

My grandmother must be flipping out right now. She is so addicted to scrabble.

Personally, i suck at the game. Give me boggle anyday.

If deadtear sees this thread at all, I have only one thing to say.

To be the man… You have to beat the man! WOOOOOOOO!


The question on my mind is…why? Scrabble is perfectly fine as-is. Has been for as long as I recall. Did they really NEED to make this?

And is “KA” a legal word?

Why not? They aren’t supplanting the original Scrabble a la New Coke. It’s just a different way to play a familiar game, like a different variation of poker.

And after checking a few dictionaries, KA is a legal word in Scrabble.

Scrabble makes people crazy.

The crazy lady scares me!

KA is fine. WA isn’t, though. :-p

Scrabble is one of the few boardgames I’m good at. I suck at almost everything else (not counting RPG boardgames like D&D, of course.) Makko ALWAYS beats me at checkers! :too bad:

Oh, and Ka IS a word. It’s the ancient egyptian word for “soul.” But I don’t think it would be fair to call for it in an ENGLISH scrabble game. 8P

Hey, 984! I KNOW what happened to Number Six!! Check out my signature link…

Bwa Ha Ha

The Old Man is named MISTER Six. As in “Six Flags”.

Whoa, that’s awesome.



I remember the old people at the home I worked at used to play Scrabble like everyday like it was their life.

Featuring demonic, zombified letters? o.o;

It is easy just play someone bad.

I never made very good records with the original Scrabble, Neb. 8P

I have 2 problems at Scrable.

  1. I can’t spell

  2. I have trouble with Words.

Big Nutter
I am dyslexic.

Not to mention EL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not crazy, I have an IQ of 167.

Suuuuuuuuure, Scrabble is a religion! And, Monopoly is a god! That is insulting to any person who is religious in any way, including me.