World of Warcraft thread

So what characters on what servers do all of you have? I finally got around to buying Wrath of the Lich King, so I figured I’d ask.

My main is a 58 blood elf paladin on Kaelthas. I haven’t had time to play regularly in a long time. Once things settle down I might pick it up again.

70 dwarf Rogue on Sentinels. I just fired up the game (with Wrath newly installed) yesterday for the first time since July. I play with a few folks from Drew.

OKG Lanyx < Zephyros >

70 Hunter on Garithos. Haven’t played since last November though, so I’ve no idea whether or not I’m still in my guild (or if they’re still around). I’ve been tempted to get Wrath, but I dunno. I’ve already got a lot of stuff on my plate as far as games go.

I have a Lv80 Gnome Rogue (Subtlety spec, the new ‘Honor Among Thieves’ talent is hotness) and a Lv70 Human Warlock on Uther. Also got Draenei Priest and Night Elf DeathKnight at Lv61.

Kinda tempted to roll a Dwarf Huntard just to complete the Alliance spectrum.

Uther PVE
Lv80 Draenei Warrior
Lv69 NE Druid
Lv63 Rogue (Sinistral might remember her from [strike]Skullcrusher[/strike] Smolderthorn, she’s my disenchant bitch mostly)

Burning Blade PVP
Lv70 Troll Hunter
Lv70 Blood Elf Priest
Lv67 Troll Shaman

My Burning Blade characters are mostly on hiatus, my focus and interest is more in the new stuff and my alliance guild friends.

Oh cool, heh. Probably nobody I know, but what the heck. Is there anyone from Tolley?

77 Night Elf Warrior on Kilrogg, and a bunch of other stuff scattered around.

I am sitting on my hands to keep from starting to play again until I’ve found a job.

Aaargh… it doesn’t help to have a new IRL friend who’s nagging me to start again. But, then I think about how many idiots there are in that game and it gets easier to bear the pull. goes back to writing fanfics about WoW

One. If you remember Chris, Asian kid who was across the hall from me. Had glasses. Did music stuff.

Just play. It’s a good way to take your mind off of things between waiting for people to notice your resume and interviews.

Essay deadlines! Don’t!

And again I start suspecting that there’s some kind of conspiracy to get me to play! Back when I started, it happened like this:

Wei: goes to game store to trade in game
Clerk: “Oh hey, you again. Say, you only play console games? We’ve just gotten these 20 day trial versions of WoW, includes a DVD to install it, for just 20 crowns (about $3 or so).”
Wei: “Eh, my sister plays, but I know it’d suck my soul dry if I started. Bad idea.”
Clerk: laughs
Wei: drops trade-in game, goes to fetch new one, pays
Clerk: “I’ll throw in one of these for free!” tosses WoW trial in bag with other game
Wei: “… I’m going to haunt you when I’m a soulless husk, just so you know.”
Clerk: “Muhahaha!”

Et tu, RPT? XD The problem is that I pretty much lack self-control when it comes to “eh, just another quest…”.

Rig: Alllmost there!

You mean smolderthorn?

Smells like victory:toast:

I quit WoW for good about 18 months ago, but I did have a T2 priest and a T4-5 Shaman on Cenarion Circle.

…right, smolderthorn. I mix server names up sometimes.

Crowns is an awesome name for currency.

Aggramar - PVE

49 Retardin - Blackpeoples: Been running battlegrounds stuff with him, ZOMG I love it.
48 Gnomelock - Demidoll: I sstopped playing her ages ago, might make her demon…
35 Rogue - Wiistab
Working on a 13 Tauren Druid Mancowpigcat
35 Prist - Citizenboots, also just kinda sittin there

I’ve been wanting to go to a PVP server again, but I remember the time way back when when I was on Burning Blade getting ganked in Hillsbrad over and over again for a few days. I had to play another character for a week before everything cleared out a little…

More robust list:

Genogri, 73 Dwarf rogue
Nyctimene, 60 Draenai hunter
Sthenala, 27 Night Elf druid
Zenilnas, 19 Draenai warrior
Gamorbas, 55 Human death knight

Alethaea, 70 Blood Elf hunter
Adanim, 17 Undead mage
Sempronia, 18 Blood Elf priest