World of Warcraft PvP

The thing is that I’ll be walking around leveling and I’ll run into a guy doing the same, we’ll fight and I usually lose, that is why I’m concerned with 1 on 1. I dont really have a problem in a group.

Then you might like a rogue. You can basically choose your battles. Also, warriors don’t have any kind of extreme advantage over rogues, I’ve seen Lanyx 1v2 60 warriors before.

Oh, and if you are really that worried about 1v1ing while leveling… I’d say druid is easily the best choice. Awesome solo class, awesome 1v1 class, awesome ESCAPE class which is the most important probably for leveling.

One thing I can suggest about leveling with a druid: spec feral. But when you get to about 57 or so spec Restoration or no one is gonna like you. :wink:

Its a close fight, but I can beat Shamans. I’d rather face a shaman than a Druid or Shadow Priest.

Druids only are machines at higher levels and the leveling will be a lot slower because even at high levels, Druid DPS leaves to be desired in comparison to say a shadow priest. My shadowpriest was the envy of the majority of druids I’ve crossed on my way up and I seriously owned druids up to high levels.

As I said before, Druids are a bit like paladins in how they don’t have high damage and they’re really hard to kill. A good druid is both a good main healer or main tank and does a great job being a back up of both.

The shadowpriest can nuke the shit out of anything, but he lacks AoE like a mage. However, he can heal and shield himself (a shield every 15 seconds is nice). Furthermore, he has silence and improved AoE fear, which are great spells to have. I did UBRS the other night and I outhealed the druid in our party and our 60 priest (I was 57), so don’t think that shadowpriests are necessarily less good at healing. The thing with shadowpriests is that often they are morons or assholes and can’t heal and you’ll occasionally hear some crap about em, although if you’re a decent healer, people will like you. A LOT. The problem with the priest is that unlike the druid, he’s easier to kill. Though easier is up to interpretation. You see, he’ll take fewer hits to knock down his hp bar than the druid and odds are, he’ll be able to refill his hp bar fewer times. However, to beat one, you need a LOT of power and good timing to not get nuked to hell and back. Killing a shadowpriest is a race whereas killing druids and paladins are marathons.

Shamans are extremely powerful if properly specced, you can say more so than a shadowpriest because they also have high nuking power, they can heal and fuck, they wear freakin’ mail. I’ve seen shamans with almost as much armor as my 60 warrior. Shamans are TOUGH. Problem Vorpy will point out is that you will question your purpose in late game and like with rogues, you will not be in demand.

Different classes get in and out of combat differently. Druids and rogues get out of combat easily. Warriors are meant to get IN combat, not out, which is often frustrating. Priests and mages are kind of in between, you will be able to get out of combat with these guys. Shield, blink, fear, etc… Warlocks can kinda emulate the shield by sacrificing their Volkswagen and their fear kinda sucks.

Basically for 1 vs 1 pvp at level 60 if you can get epic level armor there’s no way you’re going to lose to someone with non-epic armor. The stuff is ridiculously strong, there’s nothing else even close. DPS classes with epic gear can kill stuff super fast, defensive classes become virtually invulnerable. The epic gear also tends to have elemental resistances across the board.

The epic armor sets right now focus mostly on fire and shadow (With very little cold) resistance. Fire for PvE, Shadow for PvP, Cold for PvP. And that is mostly only true for melee damage classes (and hunters), who are all extremely gear-dependant.

And good shaman dont nuke like crazy, they get a shield on, set down a couple totems and melee. Only using mana to heal and interupt spells. They can also kite certain classes pretty effectively, but that is pretty mana intense.