World of Warcraft PvP

I was wondering which classes you think do the best at PvP. Like right now I’m a warrior and I’m having a hell of a time (any class that can slow or stop me and get some distance kicks my ass, almost regardless of level). I was wondering if there are some classes that just do well at PvP in general, despite the class their up against (just considering 1 on 1).

Probably Rogues, or Shadow-specced priests from what I hear.

There’s really no god class that kills everything. Blizzard is generally pretty darn effective in balancing their games. Many classes are suited to different situations though. Druids are a massive pain in the ass to beat in a one on one fight, mages AE attacks cause a huge difference in large scale PVP, and warriors can dominate in small scale PVP. Every class has weaknesses and you just need to learn how to get around yours, which is being rooted/slowed.

Some tips for your warrior though…Get up to the second PVP rank and buy the insignia of the horde/whatever. This is a trinket that will break those stopping effects. Always hamstring your target, especially if you have the improved hamstring talent. If you have tactical mastery you can switch to beserker stance and use intercept right after in case your target gets away from you, and beserker rage is also useful for stopping fear.

Tommorow warriors are going to get some major talent changes, improved hamstring is going to be buffed up, various changes are being made to the fury and protection tree, and you will get a free respec; so you might want to switch your build for one more suited to PVP.

Druids are not only a pain in the ass 1v1, they pwn CTF too.

Paladins and Shamans make great flag runners in Battlegrounds.

What is good at just good old fashioned 1 on 1 PvP?

Shadowpriests are very powerful in PVP.

1 v 1, Paladins are great. Infact, I’d rather play my paladin in PVP over any other class. The only problem is the fact that we have a REALLY hard time killing off people who like to run away before dying. We can’t catch people on mounts either, our only stun spell merely holds them in place on thier mount for a few seconds so that we can hurt them a bit. Once the stun wears off they can continue riding on without us able to catch them.

So all in all, Paladins are great for 1v1 so long as they get someone who is actually interested in fighting, and not pussy enough to run.

Rogue would be my second choice, followed up with shadow priests. I’m a melee person, so magic is hard for me to really enjoy.

If I may throw in a small bone, the major thing that my friends (I don’t play WoW anymore, but some of my IRL friends do and they NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT IT) observe about most Rogues is that their talent trees are specced for powerful ambush burst damage, but have nothing to follow up with. If you’re going to play an ambush Rogue, make sure you have a weapon-switch macro so that when your ambushes go off and you’re down to Sinister Strike, you can instantly pull out a mace or a sword and hold your own.

Also never use Evasion against a smart Warrior. For those unaware, Warriors have an unblockable, undodgeable (I think) move that becomes available when their target dodges one of their attacks. When you figure a decently specced Rogue with Evasion will dodge 80% of all melee attacks, that’s a lot of free strikes a Warrior can get in.

Warriors eat rogues for breakfast. Also, druids are nearly unkillable at higher levels, esp if they have innervate. They’ll do a paladin on you and simply outlast you even though you took down their entire hp bar 3x.

Argh, this is getting so confusing now. Shadow Priest seemed to be the dominant favorite for one on one, but now several other classes are being mentioned. The talk of the Druid is making me want to continue him, but I’ve lately been playing a lot of my priest because of all the good talk about them.

Play the class you like playing most, not because they rock in PvP or PvE.

Every class can destroy every other class at this point. Mostly relies on skill now.

I have no real preference, I just like the power.

nerf shamanz

edited for content: while I agree that shadow priests are very strong pvp, if not the best for 1v1…playing a priest just for pvp is a pretty ridiculous endeavor. You still can’t really solo very well, so you’re going to have to instance…so you’re basically just going to have to healbot your way through a million instances to get good equipment (that you have to steal from angry warlocks) to be viable in pvp. I can only reccomend a shadow priest if you actually want to play a priest, and then you get the side effects of kicking ass. Otherwise, if you really just want to be a badass pvper with a lot less work and frustration, play a rogue or something.

Jarhead :stuck_out_tongue:

Power - Mages, Rogues, and Shadow Priests

Everything else is fun!

I certainly didn’t choose paladin cause I wanted to be “uber”.

You’re asking about 1v1 PvP, but there really is none of that in this game (Unless you’re gonna stand around dueling). Most of the good players travel in packs. So speccing 1v1 is kinda asking to make yourself worthless in most PvP. Most of the PvP elite will play CTF, where every single class is extremely important.

To be honest, I’d rather have a paladin on my side than a shaman.

This is indeed good advice, and there is indeed a solution to this problem:

Download the following addons:
Weapon Quickswap

This will make rogue life easy- Basically, you can have the system auto equip a dagger in your main hand when you are stealthed (and off hand if you choose, you infact can pick both weapons or offhand item for each “stance”) and as SOON as you come out of stealth it autoswitches your weapon to whatever you chose for “Normal” stance.

So in the case of rogues… Sword when normal, Dagger when stealth. Magic happens.

Izlude = Paladin
Vorpy = Shaman

Vorpy > Izlude
Therefore, Shamans > Paladins

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