World of Warcraft Burning Crusade

So who here has started playing again?

I started a Blood Elf Paladin, he’s level 17 now… pretty cool so far, the new areas are fun to explore and the quests they offer are well laid out imo.

So who else?

I haven’t been able to play at all lately (And sorry for not posting in your other thread, Pierson), but that should be changed now

My rogue is 64 and just entering Terrokar

The new areas have a ridiculous amount of quests, though, each quest is worth a lot less than quests pre 60. Already at 64, a quest will give maybe 1% exp.

This hasn’t much with BC, but I started World of Warcraft about a month ago on my womans computer and I’m loving the hell out of it.

All I can say is that enchanting is a bitch.

I played my priest a bit and he annihilates things. But I don’t have fun without a solid group playing on my priest and every retard that couldn’t make it into a half decent guild at 60 is now playing wow, meaning the 60+ category is unbelievably bad. The Hellfire Peninsula is the new Barrens.

I made a BE warlock with Zero’s Priest and Walhalla’s warlock and it is owning hard. I really like what they did with the druids and druid gear in BC and it REALLY makes me wanna play my druid, but I enjoy this very much also.

70 already and started running instances.

The second boss of Shadow Labyrinth can suck my dick though, who thought a 15-second mind-control to the entire party AND aggro wiping abilities AND who charges AND has an AOE knockback would be fun?

Perhaps it’s just me starting out, but every Dwarf I see running about are hunters (which, in turn, is one of my characters as well.)

Is this necessairly a bad trend? I mean, to take down a same-level enemy does require a bit of planning before hand (set trap, get right in range, send pet to attack a few times before moving in, blah blah) but I’ve had tons of fun with him so far. Even if I have to keep moving backwards during a fight to keep a strategy going.

The third and final bosses are both total pushovers. The last one drops a 1.9 speed dagger (I’m still running to get it :()

I’m just curious, do retards say stuff like “There’s a burning crusade, in my pants.” all the time?

Man, the barrens are much much worse. So is hellfire peninsula. its the new barrens.

Starting in on Kharazan tomorrow. Still working on all my key quests and my Cenarion rep to exaulted. Can’t say I have too many gripes any more about my druid, though more leather with str on it would be nice over all the plus atttack power gear. Also I want to dps in a couple instaces, tanking is repetitive on the huge pulls. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Though I’ve heard good things about heroic dungeons all being pretty tough, so I’m looking foreward to that.

The Eversong Woods chat makes me want to kill people. It’s not that hard to find the fucking shrine!

(Ah, I see I am not the only one with a Chloe avatar.)

Thaelis and the fucking shrine are the new Mankrik. And so is the assassin thing in Hellfire. Eversong and Helfire are the new barrens.

That’s it. I was going to mention him too but I couldn’t remember his name.

And 50 Cent is the Chuck Norris of Eversong Woods.

At least on Terenas.

I like the Blood Elf start though, I got to 13 before going to Ghostlands and it didn’t take very long at all… I’ll probably grind all my horde char there.

Minus the chat, Eversong and Ghostland are EXCELLENT starting areas.

Well, I rolled up a Blood Elf Mage and have been loving it. Ghostlands is quite awesome and I like the idea of the town having it’s own rep and such; I wouldn’t mind seeing it with other towns too.

He’s level 30 at the moment and currently in Thousand Needles. I wanted to do Hillsbrad, but as usual, fucktards fucking ganking people 30 levels below and shit. There’s PvP then there’s just fucking griefing. This makes me a sad Ruda. :frowning: