World Championship 2006. Basketball babe!

It begins tomorrow in Japan. Hopefully Greece will live up to her title (unlike coughfootballcough).

Go Greece! :biggrin:

Kalispera. Thelo mia mpira.

Rig, basketball makes me sick sometimes. I got kicked off my team a while back, just because I had a tendency of catching the ball with my face. Stupid coach…

Lithuania in top four? I like them, just because they were a part of Motherland before the collapse.

The beer’s ready. Talking about stupid coaches, I had a coach who managed to dissolve two divisions of the team. All twenty-something players quit. It’s true, catching the ball this way is painful.

Checklist: Qatar, done.

I like the Lithuanian style but I just won’t root for them tomorrow :wink:

Weird, I’d think the U.S. team would gather some support. Heh, let the thread fade to oblivion.

(Still, beating Lietuwa/Lithuania/Latvia even though missing 19(!) free throws was pleasant).

Rigmarole, Lithuania and Latvia are two different countries and those pricks were the first ones to split from CCCP. Oh, and the capital of Latvia was named after you…Riga :wink:

I don’t get this: Lithuania was ranked 4-th coming into the tourney and somehow they loose to the Thanksgiving birds (turkeys). But your team looks good so far.

As for the thread, RPGC network just announced the ratings and it does not look very promising. The network sports experts (analysts, commentators, the 984s) are on strike. The audience is switching the channel as soon as the ball is in the air. Oh well nothing we can do here to improve the situation.

So who is going all the way? Lebanon? Qatar? :wink:

I blame Sensible Soccer. After playing with Latvia (with no Lithuania in sight) I judged Latvia must be the english name for Lithuania. Who’d want Latvia over Lithuania? (Case in point:Frank Zappa bust in Vilvius). Thanks for the correction.

Lithuania getting 0 points and Turkey’s 2/2 took me aback as well. It adds to the game’s suspense. Lebanon has won one match and today they may begin to pave their way toward a triumph :stuck_out_tongue: On the other hand Qatar seems to be plummeting.

Surveys ought to have been conducted. The investment is failing and [STRIKE]MSNBC[/STRIKE] RPGC won’t get the rights for the next WC. Heads will roll.

edit: Cardiac arrest. In the last thirty seconds we overcame 5 points negative, even with what seemed like a wrong referee decision (no replays).::dekar!::

Yay! Thread resurrection (and sweet oblivion thereafter) to commemorate Greece getting 2nd place! cue fanfare edit:yep, I know. I couldn’t resist a stupid one-off.

Yeah, don’t do that. Especially not if original interest in the thread was already low.