Workin' on dis

Also shut up Hades I know you don’t like Metallica (hint: I don’t care). It owns fyi.

Why does the video start with The Ecstasy of Gold?

And will the menus/display be better than GH4?

That Metallica biography book that got turned into a documentary (or vice versa) was hilarious. The writer begins by calling them aloof and arrogant and ends up trying to give them songwriting ideas and feels betrayed when the project ends. Heh.

Because Metallica always starts their concerts with Ecstasy of Gold.

And Yes. Oh god yes the menus and hud look way better.

OMG make Dave Mustaine an unlockable character :stuck_out_tongue:

…along with Cliff Burton. Fuck Newsted >_>

How dare you fill in for our dead bassist? We’ll lower the sound of the bass in the mix to ridiculous levels just to show you!

Yeah, except some of the best bassists auditioned for Metallica, but heaven forfend someone who’d want to contribute -even more- or who’d make Lars have to get a rhythm straight joined the band. If you want a session musician, get a session musician.

I certainly didn’t mind when Newsted got his Black Album cuts and went to play with Voivod.

Guitar Hero’s sucked since GH III. Do not want.

HAHAH YES!! Dave Mustaine needs to be in it, with his mode being extra hard to being completely wasted on coke and alcohol.

And Newsted kicked ass. Like Rigmarole said, the rest of the band were being douche bags because they couldn’t deal with Cliff’s death. The guy is a solid bassist and his short time with Voivod was decent (although the actual album he was on was average).

I’m really surprised at how well it captured each person’s performance style. Also, since you’re working on the game, do you get to meet the band? If so, I totally want autographs.

Looks great! I’ll actually buy this.

I’m not saying Newsted was bad, just that I’d rather have Cliff :stuck_out_tongue:

Given that it doesn’t have a shitty tracklist, I might consider getting it.

Metallica’s the only band I’ve ever seen that got tagged as sellouts for their most artistically legitimate album, only to have the same people turn around and praise such an obvious cash-grab as Death Magnetic as a return to their roots.

I don’t hate them. I’m just not a fan of their first few or last few albums. They’re an interesting band.

Hades: For the record, I think Death Magnetic isn’t as much a “return to their roots” as a “piece of shit,” and I still think the Black album is their big sellout album.

Underground thrash was most definitely artistically legitimate, and possibly had more validation than the pop success they met post-Black album. There is a lot of energy that reflects the time of when underground thrash was making it, and I think it’s unfortunate to judge it as less valid due to a dislike for it. Not everyone’s going to like listening to it, but you still have to give it credit for being fresh at the time.

And yeah, I don’t know who’s going around calling Death Magnetic genius material… I think generally the same who praise the black album would appreciate Death Magnetic. I know my metalhead friends laugh at the album, and myself, well I don’t want to bother wasting my time. There’s better material out there to spend my time with.

There is a lot of energy that reflects the time of when underground thrash was making it, and I think it’s unfortunate to judge it as less valid due to a dislike for it.
So do I, which is why I don’t call them sellouts for writing an album that was true to their lives at the time in spite of the fact that their old fan base hated it. People somehow seem to think their favourite bands owe them some kind of stylistic loyalty, which is fucking bullshit. Music is about expression, and selling their freedom of expression for a bigger cut isn’t something Metallica started to do until now.

CC, even though I disagree, at least you’re consistent with yourself. It’s not opinions that bother me… it’s hypocrisy.

I agree with you 100% there. If the band didn’t want to write the same stuff over and over again then by all means. That’s the fun of music.

Tracklist released woop.

Thats actually a good list.


I’m not disappointed at the tracklist. Not too bad at all. Sweet.