Work Sucks!

Oh yes it does. Mondays especially. I am just dying to get out of here today. (I post from work.) I want to get home and pull some tubes.

In an effort to kill time, I’m going to bring up a few random topics. If anyone wants to talk about them, cool. If not, screw you.

*Anybody watching this season of Rescue Me? It has been really good so far. Funny as hell.

*One of the dudes I play poker with has been starting with me recently. He is always talking trash. The other day I asked him for one of his beers and he refused. I’ve given him beer many times, but he claims that he doesn’t remember me ever giving him a beer. Then he didn’t even drink the beer! He just let it sit in the fridge. He thinks he’s so tough because he is from Detriot. He doesn’t realize that real tough people don’t need to constantly act hard. He’s walking a fine line. I may have to put him in his place soon.

*I showed up for work today and there was a stuffed Mickey Mouse from Fantasia chilling on my desk. This girl Kristi bought it for me. I know for a fact that she wants me. (She has said so very bluntly.) But I am not interested at all. She is like 10 years older than me, and she’s a big girl. Now I am in a weird position. If I don’t leave the stuffed Mickey out, then she’ll be pissed. But if I do leave it out, I’ll have people cracking jokes and asking me who got it for me and stuff. I swear that is like the theme of my life. There is always some girl trying to hook up with me but it is always either someone that I am not attracted to at all, or someone that turns out to be a complete psycho.

Another stunning thread from Evil_Dave.

That screw you line refers to you.

I’m not trying to post a blog or spam up the place. I just want to have a discussion about something. Anything!

I’m losing my mind here.

You get Internet access where you work? I’d take your job any day. I work 8 hour shifts in dimly lit factories getting yelled at by people who barely speak English.

Not really. There is a firewall that blocks like 99% of everything. For some unknown reason, RPGC is not blocked. So this is basically the only site that I can get onto.

I’d go bother other people if I could.

I do get to listen to my discman during work though. That is the best perk I get.

I work in a factory in downtown Pyongyang.

“Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays…” /officespace

Fuck it. Ditch the mickey. Let her get all pissy.

She’ll probably slip a Mickey in my drink too.

One time I was drinking at the bar with a bunch of coworkers and she said this, no lie.

“Let me know when you are so drunk you don’t have any standards.”

I only had access to internet in one of my boring research jobs. That was cool because I could spend my time working on RPGC stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, don’t pity yourself. It is the story of many people. :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t see what’s the big deal with this girl at work. Why don’t you just clearly tell her you’re not romantically interested? I’d guess you have already done so many times by now, but seeing as you don’t know what to do with that stuffed Mickey makes me wonder.

I’m not pitying myself. I was just noticing the trend.

I have told her many times that I am not interested. I am quite clear on the subject. Doesn’t stop her from trying though.

As far as the Mickey thing, I’m just trying not to hurt her feelings. I don’t always need to be an asshole. Plus, I need to interact with her on a work level. If she hates my guts, it could make things complicated. There is enough drama in this company already.

EDIT: Not to mention that she could sabatage me in other areas.

I know how you feel. Right now I’m waiting for 4:30 to roll around. This happens to be the only time I can hit the agora too because of network problems at home (i.e. my ISP blocking off all ev1servers servers.

Strangely enough, I’ve been watching Rescue Me lately. I usually don’t watch drama shows (or anything made for FX), but I saw Leary on one of the late-night talk shows, and they showed the clip of Gavin going down near Ground Zero somewhat hammered and giving a nice rant about the people selling firemen cookies. I watched a couple episodes, and now I’m really into it.

My job is easy, yet, not. I pump gas. It would be easy if people were coherent, polite, and not retarded. But that is not the case. It sucks. People are retarded. The only good parts about the job are stealing, vandalizing everything, and getting drunk in the freezer.

Get a new job. Please.