work damn you

stabs at thee, Grendel, from hell’s heart

Whoo! Forums =D

The Damned Forums Are back…Thanks For your hard Work Merl.

<img src=“”> What freeky-deeky thing is Grendel?

I may be wrong but I think Grendel is a demon or something. On yeah, thanks again Merl!

Grendel was the monster in the story of Beowulf.

<img src=“”> And here I was thinking it was some kind of server thing, like Plez or Apache.

Woo, they are up, hopefully forever.

Beowulf, what a guy. Killed Grendel with ye olde bare bitchslappers.

It gets quoted in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, I think… Scifi channel played that clip over and over again.

d Galloway, (totally off topic) is your avvy/sig image from Splatterhouse?

<img src=“”> They’re not. Once we go over 257 connections, pop boom fizzle

I’ve christened the server Grendel, and the quote is a paraphrase from Moby Dick, which in turn was paraphrased in ST2. And the 257 thing may have been eased, not sure yet.

<img src=“”> Oh, so I was right after all. Woo, go me.

Glad to see them back in action, Merlin.

No pianos for you!!

Yay! So, hopefully, there won’t be any more problems?

I may be wrong but stabbing the server won’t help will it?

Go Merl! :slight_smile: I hope this time of trouble will be over soon. =P But then again, I’ll be gone for a week, so by the time I get back, things should be back to normal! Yeah!



overloads the server

Originally posted by Kraken
d Galloway, (totally off topic) is your avvy/sig image from Splatterhouse?

Yes! gives Kraken a cookie

Great work Merl! :smiley: You go!

dresses up as a news broadcaster And now to our second headline, somebody finally recognized a screenshot from one of d_Galloway’s games! Is this a sign?

kicks Grendel
I hope the problem of lag is terminated soon: There’s no reason for it to be there, and that’s what makes it so aggrivating.