Since my computer sucks, and the best word processing program I have is Wordpad, it’s really horrible for doing quite a number of things.

I need to know how to do double-spaced breaks in Wordpad, if at all possible.

You dont even have a copy of MS Office? Surely you can find that in a bargain bin somewhere…

I don’t think it can do that. Hopefully you can pick up an old version of Word somewhere. Maybe Lotus or Wordperfect…

Try OpenOffice (openoffice.org). It’s a free version of a suite similar to MS Office. It is a little buggy, but it does the job quite well.
It doesn’t look like WordPad is able to double-space things.

I figured it out. Since Wordpad doesn’t auto-correct capitalization errors and typographical errors, I just insert breaks after each break, and it doesn’t capitalize the first letter in each line, so it looks double-spaced.

Try what Cid suggested though. Or <a href=“http://www.abisource.com/”>AbiWord</a>. AbiWord’s interface is closer to MSWord’s, though i find OpenOffice to be a better program overall.

I found that there is a little trouble getting GB English on the Spell checker, with Openoffice.

Other than that It’s More than Fine.

Butter, the last thing we want is a spell-checker that corrects english to BigNutter.

OK, I prefre it to spell Colour: colour not color…


And you prefer to spell it “prefre”, too.

Well, in England everyone messes up ‘er’ and ‘re’. Take ‘meter’, and ‘center’ for example.

I’m sure you’re the person to ask about British idiosyncrasies regarding the English language.

Certain words are spelled differently in Britain. “Prefer” is not one of them. “Colour” is, though.

Would you rather ask Pierson?

I’m overreacting here, but they’re not spelled differently in Britain. They’re spelled differently in America. Quit acting like Americans invented english. Every other english speaking nation on earth spells things the British way, including Canada. America is a fringe world when it comes to languages and many other things, such as not using the metric system like the vast majority of the rest of the world.

Every other English-speaking country is a former colony of Britain, Hades, including Canada. The ones who do not speak English as a first language, though (correct me if I’m wrong) use a lot of Americanized words rather than British ones, because they speak English as a way to interact with Americans rather than British people.

I never said Americans invented the language, but in any case, I was under the impression that most people on this board were Americans so I tried to put it from their perspective.

The whole Imperial/metric thing is a bit ridiculous, though. Although even in Canada we still use feet and pounds when measuring people rather than objects for some reason.

Cid, thanks for pointing out evedence that I need a Spell checker, in Non-Ameracan English.

The EU made a Rule several Years ago that everything has to sold in metric if is to be sold in weight, or lengh etc, before that it was in Imperial. I remeber getting half a pound of sweets. (costs about £0.25).


You need a spell and grammar checker, period, I don’t care which version it is. -_- I’m not trying to harp on you, but let me just point out the errors in that tiny post.

evedence = evidence
Ameracan = American
Spell checker = spell-checker
Rule = rule
Years = years
lengh = length
, before = ; before
remeber = remember

That’s… quite a high ratio of errors.

Actually, yes, I would. Not only because he’s actually living in the country in question, but frankly, I don’t see you holding a wealth of information.