So, I just got back from my 1st kyu grading (read: third brown) in karate, and I got a full grading!! Which means next time I go for a grading, I’ll be going for blackbelt. :D:D

But GOD, some of the people there shouldn’t have being grading. I mean they just SHOULDN’T. They were terrible, I mean, some of them didn’t even know all the frickin’ sequences! It’s just like, do your senseis just put you forward so they can LAUGH at you, or what? It was good though, made me less nervous since I knew unless I COMPLETELY screwed up, I was going to look better than them.

So anyway. Big grin.


nods :slight_smile: jk but anyway good job!

Congratulations and a GOOD DAY to you, my friend!!!

Congratulations ( but you’re still years behind. )

Hey Nul, you still have the song, Crap karate, right? ( Years behind who? )

It’s spelled Krap Karate. ( Me, though my martial art isn’t Karate. )

Congratulations, Cavelcade, may you go yet further in your path. (Which arts do you practice then?)

Then what is it?

Fine, but do you have it Nul?

congrats ^^
so that’s how you spell kyu…I never knew.

It’s a ( fairly ) little know martial art from northern-China. I’m only lucky enough to know it because one of the few people who know it moved to here twenty years ago and bothered enough to teach me it. I’ve honestly no idea how to transcribe the name properly. Kareth-To? I’ll ask him.

I’ve been a black belt for 2 years in Chinese/American (forget which) Kenpo/Kempo (I’ve seen both spellings). I’ve done testing for a few of the black belts (either running around or judging sparring contests), and they’ve been a lot… well, nicer I s’pose. When we went up for ours, they were constantly at our throats, able to yell at us for whatever. I remember I made contact to the head during a match and I got paired up against a guy literally twice my size and a good six inches taller than me after. Brutal. It’s a lot less yelling now, though. Kinda surprised me (I’ve been in and out since I got my belt).

Do you have to register your hands and feet as lethal weapons yet?