woop tetris ds

I just got 992 lines :kissy:

It’s over 900!

Lalalalala I can’t hear you XD Good job!

I’ve been playing the Game Boy Tetris on my DS (and half the times I forget to close the emulator before switching off and murder half my files) and it’s quite possibly still the most addictive game ever.

Seriously I played for a long time.

Damn man, that’s a lot of tetris. I seriously have to find my fucking DS now.

The problem with Tetris DS is that no matter how fast the blocks go, you can keep spinning them at the bottom and you get all the time in the world to think, which makes it infinitely easier than regular Tetris.

Still an awesome game, though.

What happens if you go over 999?

The number stops updating. Level will keep increasing to 999 at which point it also stops updating. Score caps out at 99,999,999.

Wow, that’s something…
I think the highest I ever got on Tetris DS was 300 something. Congrats!

How long do you think that took ya?

Over an hour.

Yeah my friend hit 999 one time and I was pumped for something cool to happen

nothing happened