I finally found Tyrian 2000 after years of search! Hahahaha!
God, how I love that game!

Was ist das?

Just one of the greatest classics. A good old ship action game with vertical scrolling and insanely powerful guns. Now I just need to take care of the compatibility issues (sound card and speed) and I’ll be ready for action!

I gave it up after me & my best friend finished it in all difficulty levels at least three times in the full version. We would go so powerful that a single shot we fired made all the screen smoke.

It has been long, though, and I miss it. I’m going to download some music of it. If it has multiplayers via internet I will even download it just to play with you.

BTW… Did you get to the carrot ship already?

Just started playing it. I had to look for the 2000 version because the other wouldn’t run and I was also curious about the new things.

And my favorite ship is the almighty Stalker 21.126, with a full-powered front Laser or Zica Laser, Sonic Wave and two Zica Superchargers. Hehehehe!

I really like that game, and I really want to find a patch that will make it able to use my sound card.

Heh. I like the Carrot Ship, it’s the best dodger since it’s the most slim.

My weapons:

Front: Proton
Back: Sonic. I tilt it frontwards for some amazing destructive waves since the front of the ship will be washed by proton + sonic in a dense array of shots.
Sides: Companion ship (the 2nd one not the first) and Zica flamethrower. Unless I’m mad then I’ll use Zica flamethrower + atom bomb.

Hey, I almost forgot! One of the sites I visited has all the game’s songs!

Here it is!

Thanks ^^