Woo hoo! Max Payne 2!

Linkage. :smiley:

It seems there is a god! Much wootage!

Am I the only one who thought that Max Payne was just an average game?

nah, i thought it was mediocre too, it’s just it was one of the first games to use bullet-time

Max Payne was incredibly short but it was ridiculously fun to play, and it had a cool innovative way of telling a PC game’s story. Half the fun of the game is doing certain battles 6 different times just so you can try different stuff. It’s helluva fun but had its flaws.

I thought that the shooting just got repetitive. It was just too linear for me.

I loved it, I still play it actually.

I dont think the shooting could get repetitive, because as Merlin said, there was a ton of different ways to take out your enemies with the bullet time. It was a blast watching him roll around in slow motion and shoot people and stuff.

The game was a blast, but its major shortcoming was it’s length.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
The game was a blast, but its major shortcoming was it’s length.

Hence the surprisingly easy-to-learn map editor.

It doesn’t rank on my top games list, but I think it’s okay. As said, it’s short length was its major flaw.

I got bored on the first level…Once you take out the bullet time, it just seemed rather boring

it was fun to finish once, but it’s not the kind of game i would play over and over

I like Max Payne. If I still had my copy I’d still play it.

And yeah, the story was told in a very interesting way.

the best part of the game, and one of the best plot moments in recent gaming history in my opinion, was

after Max was injected with the drugs and he started hallucinating, and two of the moments was about him “realizing” he was just a character in a graphic novel or a character in a computer game

Indeed, those were funny and ironic at the same time.