Won't be posting much anymore. Read if interested.

I am taking a short (or long) absense from posting on the Agora. Major real-life issues that I am trying to deal with are taking up all my time.

The reason for this is that my girlfriend broke up with me, and from that sprouted many, many, many problems. Schoolwork’s been going down, skipping class, et al. Since then, I’ve been feeling incredibly depressed, even to the point of <i>suicidal thoughts</i>. I don’t know, this is my first girlfriend, and it lasted pretty long (10 months), and it’s really hard on me. You all probably don’t want me to get into details, so I won’t.

But, for the time being, I’m not able to cope with this. It’s kind of difficult to move on, because she was a big part of my life, and now that she is gone, I believe I don’t have a future.

I don’t think I have a future, because first and foremost, I don’t really have anyone to love, or to love me. I’m the kind of person who believes that parents and sibling cannot love each other, but love can only be expressed between a man and a woman. And I only have a handful of friends. I think I have about 5 or 6 friends in total. 1 of them is an internet friend.

I’m doing terrible in school. Last semester, I came into math with the highest in my grade for my school, with a 98% overall for Grade 10 mathematics. Since my Functions and Relations teacher for Grade 11 wasn’t english, she didn’t really do her job that well. She’d pretty much just tell us to do so and so problems on so and so page, and just do the work. No explanations or anything. I passed with the lowest in the class with a 55. Now that I am back with a fluent english math teacher for Grade 12 calculus, I’m still maintaining such a low mark due to my poor education in Functions and Relations. I currently hold a 42% overall in calculus.

I have a disability called Asberger’s syndrome. From my knowledge, it’s kind of a mix between ADD and OCD, in the sense where I have an obsession over an object/person, and I seclude myself to that object/person. I don’t know if this is affecting my state of mind over this whole break-up thing or not. I don’t know much about it, other than I have it.

I don’t know what is going on with my life, and I guess I need some answers. I realize this is not a good place to post this kind of stuff, due to past experiences, but I don’t really have anyone else to talk to. Posting it here means I get an unbiased anonymous answer/opinion, whereas if I talk to a doctor, it’s neither anonymous, or unbiased. Parents too.

Please help me.

If it makes you feel any better, Steven Spielberg was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was a kid. So consider the possibility your psychiatrist is full of shit, or psychiatry in general when it comes to this one disorder.

I… I don’t have a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed as a kid with it. I don’t even remember who it was…

aite peace out man

keep it classy:suckah:

Talking to a doctor won’t result in an unbaised answer, but it will result in an informed answer. We know you about as well as any random doctor would, and none of us have been in the same situation as you, nor are we psychotherapists (hint), “anonymous” groups (hint), or help lines (hint) who have dealt with these situations.

Please for the love of God stop thinking that a message board will get you the best help for your personal life. You have to realize that we <i>don’t <b>really</b> know you at all</i>, and we can’t help you.

I am 16. I don’t want my parents involved or anything, and pretty much it is my doctor’s right to inform my parents of anything.

I wouldn’t say that the message board can’t help him at all. Sometimes it just feels good writing down your problems in a post, and the people here can provide opinions on some things.

Though I will say you’d probably get better advice from an adult than a bunch of teenagers, many of whom are stuck in the same kinds of problems you are.

Big whoop, I’m almost 24 and don’t keep any medical/mental problem from my mother. I don’t know what sort of terms you’re on with your rents, but I assume they care enough about you to help you if you have a problem that needs to be fixed. Don’t be so stuck on yourself to think that nobody can help you but a bunch of strangers on the internet who may or may not be serial killers who keep severed heads in their basement.

I’ve talked to everyone I can. Everyone who I trust will not inform anyone I know closely.

I don’t know; I’ve been here a long time (2 years), and I consider you all trustworthy. Like a family, but not.

My parents will overreact, and send me to some kind of hospital for a month. I’m not on the best terms with them at all.

So why not go? You’ve already identified that you have a problem, and you know you want to find the solution. Perhaps going and getting professional treatment is the right thing to do? If you really are at your wits-end, what does it hurt to try?

I don’t want to go, because it will continue my suffering. I don’t want to go to a hospital, for any reason. Having doctors analyzing me over and over again would completely destroy my left sanity.

Setz, I dont’ think you have many other options.

What? What are your other choices? You can either sit by yourself and try to solve your problems (which obviously hasn’t worked so far), or you can reach out to someone, in hopes that they (a <i>trained proffessional</i> who probably has helped millions of cases just like you before) have a solution. Well, not even a solution, just something better than sitting around and being depressed.

And I really don’t think is the right crowd to talk to about it :x

For god’s sake just get yourself some help man. Honestly, you’re doing yourself no better by not talking to your parents about it. Not being on “good terms”? But you’re afraid you might kill yourself? Stop being ridiculous and unnecessarily clueless.

I hope you get it all sorted out. A doctor would be able to help you with the Asperger’s you’ve been diagnosed with.

I know I’d be crushed if my girlfriend broke up with me. We’ve been going out for over a year now.

I just hope you’ll feel better. I don’t know much else to do.

You broke up with your excuse-to-brag-about-touching-breasts-on-forums of how long, 2 months? Get the fuck over it and stop skipping class. You don’t need a doctor. You need to stop being stupid.

These are the years that will determine whether or not you get into university. Don’t fuck them up by believing that your only influx of love is a bratty high school fuckbuddy who used to cut herself to let the air out. You’re not on a slippery slope, everything is not spiraling down for you.

Ace some fucking calculus tests. It’s not a hard course if you’d just do the homework. Salvage that class, you don’t want to waste time retaking it, and you’ve still got two thirds of the semester to bring it up to speed. It’s REQUIRED for most programs in any Ontario university.

Stop pretending to be so stupid. I know you’re not. I’ve been down the road you want to take, and it was the most moronic thing I’ve ever done in my life. At most, get some anti-depressants. I have a hard time believing you’re actually depressed, but they WILL bost your mood enough to shut the fuck up about your nonexistant problems and hopefully improve your concentration in school. One bottle of Celexa reversed a lifetime of pointless, self-imposed depression for me. If you don’t have the strength to just suck up your current situation, I absolutely encourage you to abuse these drugs.

And that’s why I’m not going into medicine.