Women love men with cats!!!111


…Uh, no, no cats. Their always so sneaky and can always jump up on countertops. I mean, I would think a lady would rather have a pet that could actually DO something if someone breaks in their house.

Because, you know, I would declaw the cat, so he really wouldn’t have much of a chance against a burglar, you see.

When asked to characterize their feline pets, men viewed them as a good friend, while women saw them as a child or baby.

My cat’s not my friend, he’s an old bastard who only puts up with me because he gets food out of it. I may be his friend, though. I dunno. I guess I didn’t kill him, that’s something.

<A HREF=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/mrsaturn/fattychris.jpg”>Sat’s</A> <A HREF=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/mrsaturn/fattychris2.jpg”>Cat</A>. The first one is in 1999, the second one is from 2002.

Everytime i look at your avatar, i feel something changing deep inside me.

This guy has an alliance ring. Man, all my chances are ruined now…

I don’t see my cats as children or babies at all. I would’ve liked this highly accurate survey to say cats were hot guys magnets too. :frowning:

Sat: I already said it last time you posted those pics, but your cat’s so cuuute. ^^ And he’s fat! And he doesn’t seem to like being in your arms, awwww. ^^

My sweet cat
again sweet cat

Aww…kitteh :stuck_out_tongue: What’s it’s name?

Bah! Cats be evil I say! EVIL!!!

thats right, women dig DOGS!!!, they like dogs better. Cats, they are worthless, unless it acts like a dog, or hunts. Mine does, it kills all the moles,bats,birds,squirells, and other rodents around our house. My cat doesnt even meed a litter box, it goes out side. Those are the only cats i think are worth having.

Here Here! Lets all hear it for USEFUL Pets!

stupid cats…

darn straight, HURAAAAAAAY!!! GO USEFUL PETS!!!

Hey guys, let’s make hasty generalizations about homogenous groups!!!

ok, ill stop, i notice sarcazum(major spell check) when i see it.

I bet the 18 exclamation marks gives it away.

I have a cat. :open_mouth:

I can’t believe you counted them. You FUCKING loser.

lol, i love it when people that make me feel sad get called a loser…i enjoy it.

Women don’t like men with cats. They just like the cats.

How do you know that it wasn’t just a random number and I happened to be correct? What, did you count them to check? You FUCKING loser.