Women and justice

This isn’t a political thread.

Its an expression of horror. Back in the 90s, we had Janet Reno and the old timers here will remember how I liberally made horrifying sexual references about her. Soon, we may have Elena Kagan as a Justice of the Supreme Court. I am in awe at how ugly she has made herself to be. http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2010/05/10/us/10kagan01.html . She looks like a middle aged trannie! Is she supposed to be some kind of Shock and Awe tactic by the Obama administration? Is he hoping to confuse the Senators for long enough to distract them away from doing a fiibuster and stopping his nominee? Or is he hoping that by picking someone so horribly wronged by nature that he can get some pity votes from across the aisle? Or is it that they simply won’t show up to the hearings, in fear that seeing this woman face to face will truly turn them gay? Maybe that’s what happened to Larry Craig. He was in the airport in Minnesota and he had just seen her face somewhere, or worse, the woman herself. I can imagine he stumbled in a daze into the bathroom and unconsciously started propositioning men. This woman has too much power to be on the Court. She may very well be a weapon being sent to the Supreme Court to confuse and break Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito. This would make her some kind of judicial sleeper agent ugly bomb. Maybe they should use Elena Kagan pornography to interrogate terror suspects. You strip a guy naked, strap him to a board, hook a plethysmograph to his penis while showing Kagan in the most horrible positions imaginable while feeding him hallucinogens and viagra. It might work. Then you tell the guy that everyone will know about how he had these insane sexual experiences with Kagan porn and threaten to use the plethysmograph data to support their claims. You could drop leaflets of her face all across Afghanistan as a warning to the Taliban, a warning about incoming American Justice.

See. It’s mentalities like this that kept Palin in the forefront of the political landscape for as long as she has been. As optimistic as it is, I would rather have my political representative (or in this case SCJudge) actually know what the fuck she’s doing rather than looking kinda hot while constantly being coached in the ways of not making a complete spectacle of herself during simple interviews (and failing spectacularly despite that).

Besides, I’ve seen worse looking dudes.

Can you read, Killmore? This is not a political thread. It’s not about how right she is for the job. It’s about making fun of the ugly!

On the plus side, I see no visible mustache.

Edit: Sin was probably the wrong guy to create this thread though, he can pretty much call ANYONE ugly. Not all of us look like the Green Ranger.

Edit2: She IS horrifying though.

Killmore: I agree, but its still scary as hell. On a more important note, she’s a SHE, not a DUDE. I understand how you could have been confused.

That is not a dude…


That is not a dude?

THAT is not a dude!?

Is…is that a neck chin under her triple chin?

You know who we need right now? The fucking birthers. They need to get to work and start demanding she produce an authentic birth certificate that will confirm she was indeed born a woman.

Sin just proposed we need Elena Kagan birthers to determine whether she is actually a woman. I fully concur. Hell, Killmore actually got confused.


We are all missing the most important aspect here: Is this woman an anarchist?

I don’t think she goes to the club… so yes.

Must have been a bus driver in her past lives.

Elena Kagan was chosen in good part because she’s only 50. She’s being put in there to counter Roberts’ youthfulness.

That’s right. You have this trying to counter this. The only better looking John Roberts out there is this guy. Then again, Elena Kagan will (probably) temporarily be joining forces with this.

Also, as a WASP, I am highly offended that, if confirmed, my interests will not be protected by the Supreme Court. Six Papists and three Jesus killers? Hell to the fucking no.

I think she might go to a particular TYPE of club.

Also, this lady might be totally disgusting, but like Sin said, let’s not mistake her for the true queen of atrocity.

As an atheist post-liberal anarcho-capitalist, I am literally sickened and offended by the very existence of 92% of the country that are theists

SCOTUS erotic fan-fiction. Finally I have reason to write again.

“…and then she surrounded him with the gentle embrace of her triple chin…”

The gavel will be swung as someone reaches climax. Roberts could be a character - hey, Regnery might print this , then!

Don’t really care for the woman. Plus, the fact that she’s never been a judge doesn’t help in my opinion. Good to see I wasn’t the only one who thought she looked like a man.

Well if she’s not a transvestite then she should become one.

We’ve really gotta get some Quakers on the supreme court.

I’m giving it THREE WEEKS before Saturday Night Live revives their old “It’s Pat” routine with special guest star Elena Kagan.