Woman setting rapist on fire??

This woman sure is angry

I understand the pain the woman must have felt.

But this is taking it too far.

“How’s your daughter?” Shit, I don’t blame her. I would have done worse to him.

That’s exactly the kind of treatment those cowardly pricks deserve, in my opinion. As if what he did wasn’t bad enough, he still had the nerve to gloat about it like that. Rape is one of the vilest acts in human history, and its perpetrators deserve to be severely punished so they’ll never threaten anyone again.

The woman’s lawyer, Joaquín Galant, told The Sunday Telegraph last night: “The family has suffered a double tragedy. First the attack on their daughter and now this. Both the father and his daughter would like to express their sadness at the death of Soriano.”

Sadness?! That guy was a damn rapist! He had it coming! If you ask me, it was good that the girl’s mother had the guts to give him what he deserved. I’m sick of the way such people tend to get away with it while their victims get scarred for life.


“I’ll take the rapists for 500”

Taking it too far? What mother <i>wouldn’t</i> do something like that after having her daughter’s rape shoved in her face? My mother would do the same. If I had a daughter, I’d do the same. Killer mother instinct. I’m most certainly not praising her, but I can understand her frame of mind and admit that I am in agreement with what she did. I consider sexual abuse the worst crime you can commit against a person, and to have that hit close to home for me, would make me snap.

I think the bastard deserved it.

If I had a daughter and someone raped her they’d be lucky to get away with burning to death.

“Rapists deserve to be burned to death!”

“The girl probably was asking for it!”

“Burning someone alive may be a bit barbaric as punishment!”

There, have I covered all possible replies?

What’s with posting month old news stories lately? You people should check the dates of these articles more closely.

lol it must have been that time of month :slight_smile:

I’m glad RPGC believes in eye for an eye.

Although it is weird to let a con out on 3 day leave from prison.

Some pleasant news at last…:mwahaha:

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May he keep on burning in hell.

Good on her I say!

  • and he died of later injuries, so that only extended the pain that ‘it’ had also put upon them…


I wonder what the burning had done to his genitalia, being such vulnerable and easliy injured (and thus burned) parts? :stuck_out_tongue:

As much as he deserved pain, it really should’ve been left to the courts to decide what kind and then distrubute it.

I hope every single person in this thread that honestly believes he deserved to be burned alive supports death penalty in his country. That’s all this essentially way: death, by burning, for a SNIDE REMARK concerning a crime he had already been punished for. Death carried out by essentially a vigilante and now given the support of a mob.

What the man did was wrong an inexcusable, and his snide comment was low class and rude. However, the woman still took the law into her own hands and murdered another human (yes, rapists are still human). Maybe the rapist’s mother will burn this mother alive if they ever pass on the street and she makes a snide comment. It’s only fitting.

I think that some crimes should punished with death but I don’t support death penality simply because the law may end up killing the wrong person. But everyone was sure about the man’s guilt and he himself not only admitted it but he also shoved it in the victim’s mother’s face. He? A human? I don’t think that he thought that woman’s daughter is a human when he raped her. So yeah, disco inferno for everybody!

Burn baby burn…:dancer:

:mwahaha: Kill em all.

Yes. He is still a human despite violating the daughter, nor can we make any claims to knowing if he thought she was a human when he raped her. He is no less of a human because he committed rape. If you’re going to say ANY crime makes someone less of a human, it should be murder, particularly a painful kind like burning to death. At least with rape, there is still some semblance of a life afterwards; murder is final.

You support the death penalty in theory but not in practice, but then you support vigilante justice when it is known someone truly did commit the crime. y halo thar lynch mobs. How are you? Sure! Lynch mobs for everyone! Let’s prevent the government from having the option of the death penalty, but if we know someone committed some vile crime, let’s go and kill him ourselves! Yee-haw!

But no… The Deep South proved the vileness of lynching. We murdered so many people because we knew they were guilty, even when they weren’t. Hell, we killed their families too by crime of association. But so often we got it wrong. Seventy years later, and the specter of lynching and mob vigilanteism still floats over the South. It’s vile to go and kill someone for any reason other than self defense.

But go on. Go ahead and sing your praises for a murderer. Go on and quote your stupid little songs in red. Go on and post your immature little emoticons. Hopefully, someday, you’ll learn to respect the rights of all people, criminals or not.

That’s exactly what I said to be my reason not to support death penalty.

Rape ain’t right. I would’ve done worse to him. No no no, I’ll never learn to respect motherfuckers. When someone rapes someone else he treats the victim as an object, plus he reverts to be very close to an animal. On the other hand, you have some solid points. When I said “punished with death” I didn’t mean lynching, but death penalty. But you’re rarely 100% sure of one’s guilt so I don’t support it. Not glad that we support Eye for an Eye anymore?